Mom Entrepreneur – A Great Inspiration to Kid!



Mother an Inspiration & Strength For Kids!

For Soumya Sooryan it’s her mother who is her inspiration, whose creativity is reflected in her “bundle of joy”, an online business venture started by mother-daughter duo and well-appreciated by all. As they say a mother is the first teacher for her kids and what they become later in the life largely depends on how she leads them by setting herself as an example. A mother is basically an in-house role model looking at whom a child, right from his childhood to adulthood, molds himself to fit into the society. In Hindu mythology, Kunti, mother of five Pandavas, enacted the role a teacher too during their formative years. She was the one who taught them the moral values like respect, courage, truthfulness etc. and sowed the seeds of righteousness which later became their pillar of strength in trying times of war.

Like her, every mother has the capacity to impart good values and if she is an entrepreneur there is an added bonus of sharing practical lessons of life with her offspring. It’s like saying that an experiential learning is always better than the bookish knowledge. If a mother is an entrepreneur, the child gains a lot as the knowledge is first-hand rather than him acquiring it in some educational institution.

Kids Learn from Your Actions more than words!

When my daughter was born I left my usual 9 to 5 job and became a stay-at-home mom. During her growing up years I went strictly by the books in imparting life’s lessons to her. I used to tell her that whatever it is (in this case it was studies), do it with full concentration which she hardly used to follow. These days I work from home and do so with all my heart.  My daughter notices this and promise me that she too will follow my footsteps and one  day to my surprise she shut herself In a room and  studied for  half an hour, uninterrupted. Talk about “Actions Speak Louder than the Words”!

So what benefits can children gain if they see their mothers on everyday basis, in such a close proximity, using her skills and talents to meet her goals?

  • For a Mompreneur her Start-up is like her Baby whom she nurtures with lots of hard work. She has to remain committed and disciplined in all her dealings to make her venture a success. The child of such mothers understands that nothing comes easy in life and one has to constantly work towards achieving the goals without losing the focus. Read my last post, Act Like a Lady & Think Like a Boss! touching in detail about this.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

  •  “If you don’t find it, create it” is one of the main reasons why a woman becomes an entrepreneur. This driving force to do something fruitful in life by passionately following the dreams make a mompreneur think and act ingeniously. Such mothers instill innovative spirit in her kids and they too get inspired to follow their ambition.
  • Another trait which a kid inherits from his mompreneur is to make and use money judiciously. One of my friend’s sons had put a games stall at a local community function once and made a cool 500 bucks which he used to buy odds and ends for himself instead of asking money from his mother. According to him like his mother he could also make money in his own capacity. My friend feels proud that she has passed her entrepreneurial spirit to his son and loves the way he thinks and behaves so maturely at such young age.
  • Every child respects her mother but when he sees how his mother is juggling smartly between home and work, the respect grows manifold. Additionally, older kids learns a lot by getting a first-hand experience in the entrepreneurship from their working mothers and once they know the nitty-gritties  of running a business , they become independent in their thought and gets the courage to carve their own niche rather than treading the usual paths.
  • A sense of faith, belief and satisfaction in oneself comes naturally to kids of mompreneurs. To quote Julie Aigner-Clark, inventor of Baby Einstein products, “I think my kids had the benefit of having parents that worked at home so they’ve been able to see us work hard and build something that we believed in.” she further added “…whether your business is small or big or you don’t have a business or do, I mean as long as you have this wonderful fulfilled life and you like what you’re doing and you’re happy in your work, this is a great thing for your kids to see.

Every mother whether she is  working or stay-at-home, mentors her kid in the best of her capacity but ladies if you have some talent then converting it into a business venture, no matter how  big or small it is , will  not only benefit you but also be an added bonus for your child’s development. I know coming out of your comfort zone might take time but once you make your mind to do something of your own, the new skills and experience you acquire can be passed on to your kids too.  After all leading an ideal life is far better than leading an idle life.

Mompreneur is the Pilot of Kids Plane!