Meet Shwetha owner of Girls Clothes Boutique – Adorable Little Things


Adorable Little Things By Shwetha

One-line Business Mantra

Adorable Little Things believes in slow, minimalistic designs and each piece is curated with a lot of love!

What inspired you to start the business

Our pillowcase dresses are easy-peasy and no-fuss; Adorable little things wants to just makes dressing easy for mama and baby!
What’s your story

Just a store full of adorable things for you and your little one you can’t resist stacking up – Try not to squeal very loud!

It’s the love for simple styles – Pillowcase dresses, Swing dresses and Shift dresses that Adorable Little Things started. This style fits a wide range of sizes and will grow with your little one for years to come.

Made with carefully scavenged fabrics and ribbons, our dresses are made with copious amounts of love, care and thought for little girls who are whimsical, charming and have a personality to match no one else!


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