Meet Shikha & Anshu , Owner of Magic Moms


What is the story behind your venture?
Six years back when we started shopping for our newborns, we realised that except for a couple of international brands, there was not much available in the local market. Like our moms who would sew linen and sweaters for us, we too started producing cot sheets, dohars etc for our kids. Our friends & relatives took a liking for our creations. We started receiving friendly requests to create more and more.
Since we both were professionals who quit jobs to look after kids, there was always a yearning to do something of our own. As our children grew, we could find more time to devote to this venture. We both being outsiders to Mumbai, it took us lot of legwork, right from procurement of fabrics to setting up a team of handpicked tailors.

And finally our venture Magic Moms came into being!!

What is inspiration behind your brand?
Every mom strives to give her child superior quality product exhibiting fun, color and aesthetics to his or her surroundings. At Magic Moms, we endeavor to fulfill this dream.
We weave fantasies with comfort, blend imagination with necessities and merge design with quality; this is what makes our products magical.
We are working hard to make our products available to all the great mommies and lovely kids there!!

What is your 1-line business mantra?

Create products and accessories to make life easy for mothers and exciting for l’ll ones!


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