Meet Neha, Owner of Peekaboo Cloth Diapers


Neha Modi, Owner of Peekaboo Cloth Diapers

I’m a CA by profession. I left my job before the baby was born but though I’m always busy with baby I still wanted to do something to apply my mind and to have a ‘Me’ time.

When I discovered about cloth diapers when my baby was born I fell in love with them. I loved the idea of using something healthier on my baby instead of disposable diapers. I started recommending cloth diapers to all my mommy friends going to lengths to explain them the concept and trying to convince them. Also I became member of cloth diapering group on fb and was really inspired by moms selling cloth diapers.

So when the thought of starting a venture came to my mind, cloth diapers was the obvious choice. Though I was scared and apprehensive whether Ill be able to do it or not, my husband supported me fully and helped me to setup Peekaboo. Infact, he is the one who named our venture Peekaboo.
Our baby loves playing Peekaboo and the game always brings a smile on his face and thats how we named our venture Peekaboo.

Our business mantra is to Go Green and promote cloth diapers and make mothers aware that they have a healthy option of using cloth diapers and get the same comfort which they get while using disposables.

My biggest achievement since starting the venture was my interview published in Outlook magazine in Feb.

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