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To create and sell the creative stuff to ONLY those people who are equally passionate and respectable towards the art and the effort we put in to make something creative. The stuff created here is purely handmade!!!


MY GREATEST INSPIRATION-MY MOTHER, MY HUSBAND AND above all MY DEAR KIDS. They come up with such great ideas that I immediately start working on it and the outcome would be amazing! ! But my inspiration to sell–is my school friend Reshma Mistry. She lives in sharjah but she gave me an idea to start a FB page to showcase my creations. I was a little apprehensive because many don’t appreciate art that too if a doctor is creating and stitching them they start doubting our credibility as a doctor. But my friend and my husband encouraged me and I started a fb page in November 2013.

Smithas Chic Collections Minion Kids Bag - Blue/Yellow


I was interested in art, embroidery, stitching etc from my childhood as I would observe my mom doing it. Mr greatest inspiration and teacher is my MOM. She would stitch clothes for herself and for us with utmost care and love. I remember once she did not get her blouse fitting properly and she ripped off the stitches and re stiched at least 5-6 times until she got the desired results. So this art of perfection was also installed in my mind from a young age. Whatever you do should be perfect– this was my aim. As I grew up,I started helping her in stitching and by the time I entered my ayurveda medical profession, I could independently stitch my own dresses – but due to my heavy studies I could not give time to my passion and my mom would stitch dresses for me according to my design. After marriage-I had to stitch my own dresses by compulsion as my mom was far away. My mom in law had a sewing machine and I started stitching in it. Then I opened a clinic, had kids, and had to manage family and profession— stitching took a back seat. But somewhere in my mind- new designs, new patterns etc were taking shape. When my first daughter was born my hubby was overwhelmed because after many years a girl child was born in their family and I was super excited because I could dress her up like a doll, LOL. I used to make dresses, frocks etc for her whenever time permitted. Then my son was born, I started stitching for him too. Slowly I started stitching for my friend’s kids as gifts etc. Like this 9-10 years passed by. Now I am a practicing ayurveda physician and a good designer too. I somehow had the urge to sell my creative stuff so that I get a chance to be more creative as well as earn some respectability. In India, anything given with love and affection to anyone– if its free– then there is no value to the product and to the person who created it.
Last month I came to know about MBC and I registered in it as a seller. It’s just been a month and I have to wait and see for the results but the people here are extremely supportive and help us out in any situation.
Hope I can prove that creativity and profession are completely different and both can go hand in hand without sacrificing my love for art and my service in medical field.

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