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“Do not follow, lead!”
The business of cloth diapering has a niche market in India, yet the competition is stiff. There are many players catering to a comparatively smaller customer base. You constantly have to reinvent and bring fresh items on the table to stay ahead of the game. I am proud to say that Easy Feel Products is one of the first Indian Cloth Diapering brands to start retailing from leading online business portals, and also the pioneer in the launch of Indian Prefolds (a type of cloth diaper) comparative to international brands like Osocozy. Easy Feel Products is constantly coming up with new varieties in eco-friendly, international –quality reasonably priced products.We strive to refresh our collection without ever compromising on the quality front, because our main obligation lies with the babies who are the main users of our products and we believe, babies deserve the best!


Easy Feel Printed PUL Single Gusset Suede Pocket Baby Diaper - Black Flower

My baby is my inspiration. It was after I became a mom, that I realized how delicate babies are, and was overwhelmed by the kind of responsibility that us moms have, in ensuring their best interests at all times. Motherhood opened my eyes towards sustainable alternatives for the environment, because it is our responsibility to leave a cleaner, greener earth for our future generation.


In today’s day and age, it is difficult to keep small babies without diapers. However, soon after my baby was born and I started researching for the best way that I could care for him, I came to know of the harmful toxins and chemicals that are used in normal diapers available in the market. The huge recurring cost of stocking up on disposables and my contribution to pollutants in landfills were bothering me too. That is when I started looking for an alternative and while searching on the net, I came across cloth diapers. After researching for over a month, on the various types and alternatives available, I ordered my first diapers. Soon my fascination became an addiction of sorts, cloth diapering is addictive that way. The cute prints, the different types of fabrics, the different styles, it was a whole new world. I was constantly trying out new stuff to find out which suits my baby best, and researching on methods of cleaning and washing and caring for those cute fluffy stuff.

Easy Feel Unbleached Prefold - Toddler Size - Pack Of 6

Gradually I realized, I know enough about cloth diapers that I can perhaps start selling them, not only for the money, but also to increase awareness about this beautiful eco-friendly alternative that is so beneficial for babies as well as the environment. I have a B.Tech degree in Information Technology and had left a thriving corporate career of 8 years when my baby was born, because I wanted to take care of my bundle of joy and be there for him in those vital formative years. But I am an independent-minded woman, and this business of cloth diapering was something that I could do while staying at home with my baby, without compromising in any way with his care and upbringing. Thereby Easy Feel Products was launched, in September last year. At first I was retailing through Facebook, relying on word-of-mouth publicity. But the love of our customers soon enabled us to register my company and now, we retail from leading online portals like MyBabyCart. My baby is fully toilet trained now and is out of diapers, but I feel, the babies using Easy Feel Products diapers are mine too, and in order to bring them the best that they can have, we constantly research and update our knowledge and look to scaling newer heights in the future.

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