Meet Shahana Gupta, Owner of Bachha Essentials

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Never give up even when things are tough.


ANANYA-the first grand daughter of my family and my first ever niece! I was so excited,she was cute cuddly and extremely precious to us all !

Baby Essentials Organic Cotton Baby Jammies - Green & Blue Dots

I wanted the best for her and being a Montessorian, I was aware how sensitive babies were .So I set out on a journey (well,I researched loads and travelled around India) to source some of the finest  cotton yarns,which were so abundant in my country,yet sadly not widely used within the country itself.That was it !!  I had to change that,I had to give birth to my calling my baby layette line – BABY ESSENTIALS ! I dedicate BABY ESSENTIALS to the sole catalyst- ANANYA ! I LOVE YOU !!


I hold a Masters Degree in Montessori Education from Loyola University Maryland.I wanted to combine my passion for organic products and love for children with my dedication to giving back.

Baby Essentials Organic Cotton Pink Flower Baby Blanket

Our name BABY ESSENTIALS has a reason behind it .When a baby is born,there are a few must haves for a baby like super soft baby blankets and snuggly baby jammies. We go a step ahead and provide these essentials in the finest certified organic fibers.We keep in mind the sensitive skin of your newborn baby before launching any new product .Each time you buy our essentials you are assured that your baby is comfortable,safe and yet always in style.

We strive to care for the earth and its community without sacrificing fun and style. Our baby essentials are only created from the finest certified organic cotton,which is grown using sustainable farming practices that maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.All our products are 100 % GOTS certified.Every little baby apparel supports our vision for a greener earth.

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