Meet Mompreneur Jovette D’Souza, Owner of Amore



“Success is going from Failure to Failure without losing your Enthusiasm”


I love travelling and my main source of inspiration have been the local ladies whom I’ve met during these trips who painstakingly turn out so many beautiful pieces of art be it by Crochet, Knitting or Stitching and they are so humble and ever smiling you would never know the trials or troubles they may be facing in their lives and yet to create so many beautiful things without any proper training or even access to proper infrastructure is really a marvel in itself. Everything they make they sell themselves.

Amore Girls Hand Crochet Skirt
We are only in our first year but every day I learn something new and what inspires & motivates me is the possibility & challenge to create something beautiful yet different. I want my products to stand out from the rest . At “Amore” we believe that Happy Customers make Happy People and that is what we strive for and look forward to.


For 8 years, my life was filled with client meetings, deadlines, crazy work hours & all the stress that goes with a hi fi Corporate job, but all that came to an end after my little girl was born in 2012 and what started as a short break from work led to me being at home full time. While the initial first year was filled with coming to terms with motherhood and the joys & strains that go with it, as she got older I started getting frustrated at not having anything fruitful to do.
The turning point was when I realized I was getting addicted to mindless games like Candy Crush, Farmville etc and that’s when I realized I needed to do something fulfilling before I turned bonkers.

I chanced upon crochet while on a trip to Darjeeling in May 2014. While on a visit to the zoo there I remember seeing this lady busy crocheting and at the same time talking to customers who had come to buy wares from her little shop.. Her hands were moving so fast and the ease with which she completed a beautiful baby romper in a short span of time captivated me…I was so fascinated by this art that when I returned back home I looked up crochet on the internet. Till that day I had never held a crochet hook in my hand let alone knew what yarn was. I diligently watched you tube videos and through trial & error perfected my skills and I can proudly say today that I am self learned. Crochet is an art that requires immense dedication, patience & effort as everything is hand made and through it I found the freedom from my frustration of doing nothing.

Amore Girls Hand Crochet Ruffle Skirt
I started out making baby clothes & purses as gifts for family and friends which subsequently led to order requests. My work was appreciated and the pure happiness that I got from creating something beautiful & useful for someone was reward itself and thus “Amore” was born. ”Amore” was set up in November 2014 and I officially launched my FB page in April 2015.

Why the name “Amore” you ask?

I wanted something all encompassing as I love experimenting and trying new things. Along with crochet items my page has a collection of simple pocket friendly fabric dresses for kids created entirely by my dearest mother. My husband is an NRI & a chef by profession and takes seasonal, limited orders for cakes & cookies whenever he’s down in India. That too is featured on my page. More so Amore in Italian means “Love” and that’s precisely what I do Handcrafted items from the heart from me to you.

I love the flexibility & independence that Amore provides me. I handle all aspects of my work right from the ordering of materials, advertising & promoting, to the actual implementing, to the costing & finally the packing & distribution. While crochet is my forte the stitching part is taken care of by my mom who is an expert seamstress. I take on as many orders as I can handle without compromising on quality of the final product and it also gives me the the free time to spend time with my daughter. Our products are reasonably priced, unique, beautiful and we are always open to experimenting & trying new things. Slowly but surely I intend making more ready to sell items and showcasing them through this fantastic platform aka “MyBabyCart

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