Meet Mompreneur Gaganpreet, Owner of MTB




Focus on quality service and value.


I’m a mom like you, want to buy good quality children clothes at affordable prices .When shopping for my kids, I’d go to the high-end shops and better department stores looking for good quality children’s inner wear.
Unluckily most of the top retail stores don’t have any kids briefs, very few of the stores which have them are at exorbitant prices.
Currently briefs available in the local market, the fabric is not soft or pre washed, the sizes available are very limited and the price is not worth the quality of the product.

Boys Brief - Multicolor (Pack of 3) by MTB
Kids skin is the most sensitive, and I would always want a soft fabric and comfortable fit, with no irritating tags
Thought that it would be nice to find a children’s brand that could have excellent fabric and most comfortable fit, and the icing on the cake would be that the clothes would be affordable!
Hence came the idea, why not find a solution personally, complete focus on the kids fabric, comfortable fit and then started the brand ( Kids are the boss at home, hence we named the brand “ AM THE BOSS”)

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