Meet Aunt-Niece duo: Sunita Jaju and Swati Maheshwari, Founder of Rustic Art

rustic art


Make every action environmentally sustainable.


When we started out, we just wanted to share the goodness of natural and organic personal care products with others. Initially we only began with soaps and laundry range. Over time, we realized that not only were our products being liked but there was a huge chunk of the market that was glad that here was an organic brand of personal care products which they were willing to trust.

Rustic Art Organic Paper Soap (Set of 7)

We figured that we were already making a positive difference to our dream of spreading the message of green lifestyle. That inspired us further to expand the product basket and increase our market presence.


Rustic Art is purely an extension of our love for nature. At home, we always used eco alternatives to everything possible, which included personal care products. Basically, we always followed the mantra of ‘reuse, reduce & recycle’. Hence, our outlook was always to conserve nature and minimize the use of chemicals in day to day use. We often made our soap and laundry detergent at home along with making our own hair oil and natural hair conditioners.

However, along the way we realized that while we were willing to go out of our way to use only eco-friendly products and live an eco-friendly lifestyle, others were not inclined to do so. We knew people who would be happy to pick up natural or organic products from the stores because they wanted to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. But they would not make an extra effort to procure or make these products at home. We realized that there was a gap which we wanted to fill because it meant we could help many people switch to an organic way of living.

Rustic Art is the brain child of aunt-niece duo: Sunita Jaju, 47, and Swati Maheshwari, 27. It was started 3 years ago in late 2010. Sunita is a post graduate in Sustainable Development and Swati is post graduate in Communication Management.

They are both nature lovers at heart and eco-living is something they both felt very strongly about. While Sunita brought in the technical knowledge, Swati complemented it with her communication, PR and marketing skills. Thus, it became a perfectly blending team.

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