Look Who’s Talking! Dear mom/mommy/mummy/ma


Dear mom/mommy/mummy/ma,

Haven’t decided what to call you yet? Difficult to keep up with changing times. But whatever I call you, you will be overwhelmed first time I utter that word. Just to let you know, I am taking time to decide among so many options. I started calling papa because it’s so easy to decide, but for you, I really wonder what to call this ‘wonderful lady’.

It’s nothing like I can’t speak or anything, what you guys think as a blabber or mono syllables are just short forms of what we want to say. We belong to the next generation right; we can make abbreviation, you can’t even think of.

I know you get really stressed when I sometimes cry before or after eating, it’s not that I am still hungry or my stomach is paining, I just practice my vocals a bit, I am a big drama queen you know. Just play a catchy track and see me sing along.


When I get up in the middle of the night, it’s because I just get bored of sleeping all day like you are tired of keeping awake all day. See, we are in the same boat. Just let me play with my toys till I am tired again.

I follow you wherever you go, even the washroom, it’s because I want to make sure ‘you are safe’ wherever you go. I know you are always there to take care of me, but who takes care of you? Yup, that would be me.

I like messing up the laundry as soon as you fold them, it’s because I know you paired up the wrong socks together. I always want to help you to save you time later. Sometimes, I ignore you and jump into papa’s lap, it’s just to see that jealous look of yours, which says, ‘I am the best and you love you the most.’

I go to the dirtiest corners of the house, it’s because I want to help you. I can find the dirtiest corner which the maid cannot. He He. Because of me, you also found the earring you have been searching for so long.

I do so many things which might irritate you or stress you, but it’s all in good spirit. I keep getting up in the night just to listen to the sweet lullaby from you once again. I keep chewing the spoon or my toys, it’s because the hotchpotch you give me everyday called ‘baby food’ tastes so bad. I really liked the tiny-winy piece of chicken nugget you gave me one day. It was awesome, but you thought I didn’t like it and never gave me again.

And, when I see you browse those things online, I feel like laughing aloud because nothing can define what we do and what we think. They only tell you what ‘they’ think ‘we do’ but trust me mommy, we are the most mysterious things on earth. Just let ‘us’ grow like that and watch the fun.

I just want to have fun all the time; I just want you to be close to me all the time because without you there is no fun. And you are doing it alright; you are the best mom in the world. I love you. Yours truly, your daughter.


P.S.: A small note I wrote for you. M is for Marvelous, O is for Outstanding, M is for MY WORLD.  MOM, you are the best.


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