Learning Yoga From Little Ones


How many of you feel bogged down with the newly acquired status of mom and dad? Ah! I can see some nod, few sigh and many knit their brows at the mere reminder of their changed life. Yes! Life definitely goes for a toss when we are engulfed by baby issues, baby food, baby diapers, and baby rashes … Oh! It hits us hard as we stoop, bend, rock, squat, bathe, feed, stroll, talk and sing with the little one. Soon we feel parched but carry on as there is so much to do, we look starched because of a strained muscle in the back or neck, the smile disappears at times when sleep is disturbed and unconsciously we pick up cushions or soft pillows as we strain to sit or take rest against the wall. The stresses are in plenty but amidst this entire circus a little someone is thriving, looks healthy and feels great all the time. She smiles, makes sounds and exercises all along. Can you guess how?

 Baby is a Natural Yogi

No doubt that parental care does wonders. But fitness is not just food, nourishment, love and care. What about exercise? Now the baby is really fit, she is too small to exercise but then what is the secret behind her active self. Hmm! The little one is born with a fitness regime that helps her to strengthen her muscles in particular and body in general. Try and recall that the baby shifts and moves its little form from day one. Yes! Little ones constantly exercise. Just after birth we see them move their hands and legs a little. Slowly they learn to balance their head. Oh! She looks like a wobbly doll but soon she successfully holds her neck to look around, balance and even raise it miraculously while lying down on their back.


We see her constantly struggle to twist and turn in order to change sides. Whoa! She takes a turn one day and pushes a little further to land on her abdomen. The little one loves to rest on her abdomen with her head resting on one side. Don’t you agree that this pose is similar to the crocodile pose or the makar asana. Slowly and steadily, your baby listens to some voice within to gain strength for the next stage of her life by practicing yoga postures. Ah! So you still don’t believe me. Read on to understand the miracles of nature.


Stage by stage your baby just listens to some voice to move from strength to strength. Yes! She has to crawl, stand, walk and run so her fitness regime gives her muscles enough strength and agility to move on to become big and strong.

Your little one gurgles, does the cycling exercise with her legs, reaches out to hold her toes and rocks her body to and fro. You also see her do the cobra posture. Ah! She is strengthening her neck, abdomen buttocks, spine and muscles of her legs as nature guides her to make preparations to learn to sit, crawl, stand and learn to walk.


Breath is integral to life. As your baby sleeps just notice how deeply she breathes. Her breathing can be described as a rhythmic one. Her inhalations and exhalations are deep and long. As we breathe in, we energize our body and when we breathe out we relax our body. All these aspects came to light when I was doing the Art of Living Course. Our teacher would tell us about the happy baby pose, baby cycling, smile to relax etc. Since then I began with my journey to connect with nature through deep thinking, constant observations and virtual reminders to stay in tune with nature.  Don’t you think the tiny one looks so peaceful and agile. Yes! She is well programmed by nature. She is a natural yogi.


Now the million dollar query is ‘Aren’t we all born yogis.’ Yes! Of course we all are. Mother Nature has given it all to us without discrimination.  We smile to relax the world over. We do the same yoga postures as infants and toddlers. What happens then? We distance ourselves from nature. How it happens and when the drift begins is every human’s individual story? But the solution to our ill health, stress and strain is with nature.


Well! As parents or new parents we have time for everything; in fact we take care of the child, resume our professional responsibilities, we eat, we go out but there is one thing that doesn’t fit anywhere. Yes! An exercise regime doesn’t fit in our daily life. As a result we begin to suffer. Poor health aches and pains reduce our happiness quotient and a stressful journey begins.

We find innumerable excuses to welcome obesity, back pain, stiffness in muscles and above all stress! Stress! And more stress.

Let’s say good bye to all our stresses and strains to say YES to life and great times with the baby by establishing a connection with Mother Nature. Let’s not earn today to pay our medical bills in future. Let’s earn to enjoy and rejoice in the beauty of nature. Let’s earn to invest in good health to live with great energy levels and beautiful smiles.  Let’s live, not exist. Let’s ‘relearn’ or revise the lessons taught to us by Mother Nature.

A word of caution: learn yoga from a qualified trainer or a yoga teacher who grooms you step by step. It is all about the right technique that holds the key to a healthy and happy life.

I pray and hope that you embrace 2015 with a promise to be in tune with nature and follow a fitness regime that helps you to stay energized to enjoy life.


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