Ladies, Let’s Shun Slavery This Independence Day



15 August 2015


There is something about the Freedom Week that makes me ponder  over the question, “What does freedom mean to me?” Every Independence Day I try to figure out the answer to this question. The interesting part is that every year my question is the same but answers are different. Yes! So different are the answers that I stand baffled with the multifarious ways in which my life move on.

In stark contrast our freedom fighters had a clear cut aim and that was , Freedom from the British Rule. They did it this way, that way and experimented in every possible way till the time they finally achieved it. Yes! I salute the focus and sheer determination with which our torch bearers marched ahead on the difficult path till their last breath. Their death did not deter but inspired others who relayed the torch from the dying hand that left it only when somebody took it forward.

Oh! How I wish we could  have their focus? So August 2015, what is my take away as a woman? It’s the realization of my own weaknesses.  Do I have a better answer to ‘What does freedom mean to me? Yes! I have an answer this time because it was not another problem that I was gearing up to face but an all time solution that came from within. Let me share my revelations with my women friends:

Shun Slavery

Slave of our minds

Yes! We are slaves to our own minds and thoughts. Many of us are professionally qualified, many others are educated enough to fend for themselves and the rest are talented, skillful and efficient women. We are women, we are mums, wives, caretakers, great cooks, lovely educators and what not. We are running households, making budgets and managing finances, grooming children, nurturing and taking care of many people.  If this list is further structured then a whole gamut of professionals and achievers will look back and smile. The problem is we allow thoughts of slavery to nurture our psyche. Let’s put an end to this slavery.


Stop Being A Positive Freak

Everything that is positive is not good and everything that is negative is not bad. Yes! I am not out of my mind. A negative medical report brings a smile and is like a breath of fresh air.It gives you a new life. Accept negativity as negative and don’t look for optimism in negativity. Both stand apart and don’t meet. Embrace optimism when you find it alone and in solitude. It is all powerful. Focus on positives as independent from negative. Embracing both gives you clutter. Let’s put an end to being an obsessive optimist.

Stop Being A Retracer

Recently when I was playing a sorry role of not being able to chase my dreams as I had responsibilities, two youngsters looked at each other and questioned me. One happened to be my 14 year old daughter and the other my 24 year old niece. They asked in unison,  “What kind of a message are you giving us? What kind of legacy you are collecting for us? All your non-profit decisions are going to grow like fungus on us. Sooner or later we will perhaps chase our dreams but halfheartedly and succumb to pressures feeling and believing that we need to quit. After all even you did it.”

I gathered my strong self to be a better role model and embraced profit.

Think Profit For A While

Image result for profit

Yes! Women are groomed by women to be like non-profit organizations. Like some kind of a smile foundation society, we need to fake a smile in adversity whereas we need to think in adversity. Yes! Think for ideas and then give a genuine smile. Times have changed so please for heaven sake change yourself and have a commitment to your own self. Don’t think, oh! I could have done it too, say let’s do it, let’s find out how to go about it but let’s begin somewhere. Yes! Be working as the present times bring promising careers at your doorstep. You don’t believe me then just visit They don’t give a call that says, We Hire; they say, Join Us. Work from home if children are small. Slowly learn to earn because money may not buy you happiness but money buys you freedom from illogical and unreasonable insecurities to a considerable extend.

Think Freedom For All Times

Yes! It’s so petty when we throng the roads or streets in the name of struggle for independence. Women rights, women empowerment and the much loved tagline that says,It’s a Woman’s World falls on deaf ears because they are just empty words. We don’t need better men to recognize our worth, we need better women or better selves to recognize our worth.Have you ever seen a television serial that talks about inherently bad men who play gimmicks all the time, who scheme all the time and who are cluttered all the time no matter what age or what generation. But generally our television serials have negative women stories and offer a platform where all generations come together. What a waste of time? You could have done something better with that time. Come on let’s face it; we watch them and live them.

Let me round off with a thought that will inspire one and all. A story whether true or just another post on social networking sites stirred something inside me. I benefitted because I was ready to believe it. I was ready to believe it because I was fed up of my own clutter and so I decluttered and unlearned all my life lessons. The story goes like this, “Michelle and Barack Obama went to dine at a restaurant. The owner wanted to speak to Michelle and she obliged. Later when she told her husband that the restaurant owner was inlove with her as a young lad; President Obama smiled and said, “Had you married him you would had owned this restaurant.” But the lady smiled and said, “No had I married him he would have become the President of USA.”

Yes! Dear ladies, this indeed is the power of a woman. Behind every successful man there is a lady but Alas! Why can’t there be a woman behind every successful women.” Think hard and think smart, don’t talk about each other, talk to each other, don’t just talk please inspire, don’t just inspire please push …yes push women out of their comfort zones to paint new horizons if there aren’t any. Believe in their colours, imagine their aura and enjoy them alive. Yes! Live don’t exist.

Happy Independence Day.


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