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People say that Life changes after you have your first Child. I would resonate that its really true. After birth of my daughter first few nights were really challenging. She was not sleeping at night. Coming from Gujarati family where tradition is to make baby sleep in Hammock, it was quite difficult to manage. I remember those days where almost 3-4 hrs in night I used to swing Hammock singing Lullabies to make my daughter sleep. I had to take this charge as my wife was getting too tired at night managing my baby for entire day. I used to take her on my shoulder entire night and roam in my house singing lullabies.

The challenges were when we had to travel. She was not able to sleep anywhere except in her Hammock. And we had to carry entire Cradle with us. I had to have Screw driver, Plier to unfold it and then fold it. It was nightmare. As she grew we had a tough time in transition in sleeping habits from Hammock to Crib. We bought new portable Crib. Since Crib was not having swinging motion, making her sleep in Crib was very difficult. In Cradle that I was using and in New Crib my wife was suffering from back pain at night as she was taking in and out baby many times. Bottom of Indian Cradle and Portable Crib are very close to ground. So bending many times and loading 6-7kg baby in and out causes back pain.
I am coming from IT background where everything needs to have solution. I was trying to find solution in market. I can remember that I might have not left single shops in Ahmedabad and single online portals to find a solution to the problem. I wanted a product that can help parents that they can use from Baby’s birth atleast till 3 years of age. I wanted a product that solves back pain issues of Mother. I wanted a product that can help in transition of baby sleeping habits easily. I wanted a product that comply with Safety standards. (Indian Hammock was not compliance to safety standards. But in India we don’t care about standards of safety) I wanted a product that is foldable when not in use and can be used during travel without screw drivers and plier. I was not able to find any. My job involved overseas travelling. I searched in lot of countries visiting baby stores if they have something that serves my needs.

Finally I was very frustrated and stopped searching. I decided to create a new design myself. I thought that if I can solve problems of Mother and Baby then it will be little contribution of mine to society.
Thus Idea was conceived in my mind and I started working on Idea day and night. After almost 1.5 years of efforts and many prototypes, end user feedbacks on improvements, solving design issues, Cradle N Crib was finally out. It is first product from R for Rabbit.

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