Kids Summer Wear – Tips from Mom!


With a wide selection of clothes to choose from, every mother is spoilt for choice which summers brings along with it. We just love to dress up our kids and take pride in flaunting their splendid ensemble. I believe there is a bit of fashionista in every one of us, all thanks to the information about the latest trends in kids wear provided by T.V channels, websites, magazines etc. and over a period of time we have become an expert in dressing up our kids keeping the style quotient in mind but in the process sometimes we tend to forget their comfort who at such a young age hardly cares about fashion.

Summers, on a positive note brings out the vivacious and spirited nature in the kids but on the flip side as the mercury soars, the scorching heat might give them sunburn, rashes or discoloration of skin and however hard the mothers try to protect them by keeping them indoors it’s very difficult to contain them especially during the schools’ summer vacation. So rather than making my children throw tantrums and listening to their endless screams of “getting bored”, one of the option I exercise  is to dress them in  an appropriate piece  of clothing which not only looks good but also provides comfort and make them less cranky in summers. In  this blog I endeavor  to give some pointers to dear mothers which will help them making right choice in  kids attire for the hot sultry season  no matter if  it’s today, tomorrow or in near future.

Right fabric: Children will look fresh and hassle-free if the clothing they wear is made out of appropriate fabric. During summers, as the outside temperature soars, so does the body temperature, especially in kids as they are always running around. To keep body cool, everybody sweat a lot and if the fabric of cloth won’t absorb the moisture or restrict the air-flow, the skin might become a breeding ground for fungus. Cotton clothes are a saviour during summers as they not only absorb excess sweat but the light nature of this naturally grown fiber makes heat escapes through its pores keeping the body refreshed.  I personally avoid dressing my kids in clothes made of synthetic fabric like polyester, rayon etc. as they are poor conductor of heat and I fear they might develop skin rashes.

Though little expensive, parents these days also prefer organic cotton clothing which is made from cotton grown without using any harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. As it’s hypoallergenic, its best suited for child’s s sensitive skin. Another fabric to consider is linen whose price though is on higher range than cotton but is extremely breathable, light weighted and almost three times durable than cotton.

Quick tip: As dark colour absorbs more heat it’s better to avoid them. Go for lighter shades- white and neutral shades reflect heat, so both scientifically and aesthetically they are the right choice. Also it’s advisable to avoid any thick or synthetic material clothes.


Right style:  Welcome the summer season by updating your kids wardrobe with some of the seasons’ hot favourite- pretty floral pattern, strips and checks, graphic prints and lots and lots of pastel colours. Thus girls can support the look by wearing halter- neck or tank tops, sleeveless tees with capris, shorts and skirts. Shirt dresses, tunics and rompers look stylish and classy for a casual look. The party look can be achieved with pretty floral frocks which come in latest styles and cuts- pleated front, a bow on waistline and a frilled or dual hemline are in vogue and when teamed with right accessory it instantly brings up the glam quotient of your princess. For a chic look pair light weighted denim jeans decorated with some embellishments or embroidery on it paired with a basic white top in short sleeves, cap sleeves or rather sleeveless.

A staple piece of clothing for boys which can help them  beat the heat is  a pair of comfortable shorts–either plain with lots of pockets or in vertical stripes and  when teamed  with a graphic printed tee , it gives a perfect casual yet trendy look. Also try a half-sleeve T-shirt with cute cartoon characters and catchy one-liners which will look hip and summery on your kiddo. A solid coloured t-shirt or a button–down cotton shirt along with jeans or three-fourth length capris looks bang on for a party wear.

Mothers tend to overdo while dressing up their babies which might make them uncomfortable in hot season. The thumb rule to follow is that babies need just one extra layer of clothing than you do. My younger one is a summer-baby so when she was born I bought lots cotton onesies with broad neckline to avoid heat rash or any skin allergy and while heading out I used to top it up with a floral-printed frock or a cute romper.  For baby boys you can swap a romper with a bodysuit or dungarees with animal appliques on it and voila! the apple of your eye is ready for his day out.

Quick tip: Avoid tight-fitted and thick–material clothes for kids as skin needs to breathe which won’t be possible in body- hugging outfits. Nothing looks cooler than a loose pants and free-flowing skirts with a basic tee.

Appropriate add-on:   Proper accessory in place will not only spruce up any outfit but is also helpful in preventing direct exposure to harsh sun rays. When going outdoors, a cotton hat with broad rim should always be carried along to keep the child’s face safe from sun. I remember the compliments which came in my daughters’ way when she used to wear a white-coloured sun hat made out of straw paper with floral pattern on it and would strut cutely carrying a small bag of similar design in her hand. How adorable!

Summers also means having outdoor picnic, weekend outings and oh yes! Splashing in water and building sand-castle at the sun-kissed beaches. During such trips add colourful scarfs and funny sunglasses to your kids outfit. At the beach when not playing in the water, use some sort of cover-ups over their swim-suits. These days’ swim wears are designed to give maximum coverage and blocks harmful UV rays, so buys such kinds. Matching hair accessories like bows and clips compliment the summer look and cute flip-flops looks adorable on the feet of your little ones.

Quick tip: Straw or cotton caps for girls and baseball cap for boys work best during summers. Avoid wearing funky jewelry items as they might cause skin rash during hot weather. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen on kids before heading out.

If the kids wardrobe have some of the basic summer wear from the above given rundown, I am sure they will enjoy the hot weather wearing a cool attitude up their sleeves!

Have happy and great summers!