Kids’-in-Style for Special Occasion


In this season of festivals, how can we as Stylish mom overlook on what our little ones is wearing? Yes! My daughter who has just turned two loves to dress up and do shopping along with me. Moreover, she selects her own clothes to wear for the day. She loves trying out different accessories too like hair-bands, clips, bangles and watch. If thats not enough she loves her toe-nails painted either in pink or electric blue. Also few days back she refused to wear a trouser and t-shirt, and demanded me to make her wear fancy frock. Oh! I don’t know where is she learning these stuff from.

I personally do not believe in fashion trends for kids and as well as for me. For me kids look pretty in every outfit in which they are comfortable and donning a beaming smile :-) and same applies to us too. Kids will happily play dress up in our stylish range of occasion/party/festival wear. From the prettiest girls’ cocktail dresses to the coolest boys’ suits, there is a wide range of the collections available in the market to suit each kids’ style and the their special occasions.

Below are few pointers which will guide you to buy an appropriate outfit for little ones for their special occasions and festival:

1) Comfort:

‘Comfort’ is the top most priority for any mom when she heads out to buy clothing for her little ones. The comfort of the outfit mainly depends of the fabric you select. Kids’ skin is much thinner than the adults, and so their skin is very sensitive and can get affected by allergies easily. So try to avoid buying clothes which has synthetic materials as they contain chemicals and dyes. They do have advantages of no fading colours or unshrinkable guarantee but it’s all because of strong chemicals used.

To avoid skin allergies, always stick to natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, silk, hemp. Natural fabrics tend to breathe better than synthetic fibres and also they have an innate quality to naturally flip moisture away from the body. And so kids skin is dry and which makes them more comfortable to enjoy the occasion the most.

Cottons are kids best friends, it’s breathable, create zero friction on skin and appropriate in both for summers and winter. If you cannot find the desired design or style in cotton or other natural material , you can look of cotton lining or you can make your lo wear cotton full suit beneath the party dress. There are also various brands available which sells mixed fabric fashion outfits for kids.

2) Climate


Yes! When it comes to Kids’ fashion clothing, style takes the backseat and season comes first. As it is very important to keep the season of the occasion than the style trends of those month. If you overlook season then your kid might be very uncomfortable due to over sweating or shivering cold, followed by crankiness and non-stop cries. This will lead to nothing but will make you and your lo not to suffer during the occasion rather than enjoying it. To be on safer side you can opt for layer dressing or 3-piece outfit, so that you can alter it as per the temperature change.


You can pick any colour you like, be it your favorite colour or latest colour in the fashion trends. You can go for colours matching to your outfit or according to the occasion, if any colour code mentioned. Whatever colour you select, see to it it’s attractive.


For girls there are loads of accessories available in the market, ranging from cute hair clips to sparkling bracelets and gorgeous shimmery . Pick the accessories which are not sharp or pointed. For boys there are attractive and colour caps and sporty shoes are available. Pick the accessories wisely to suit the comfort of a child and the occasion. For girls go for matching-matching as they love it that way, and for boys you can go for contrast or colour block.

5)No Stereotypes

Just because it’s Diwali or Eid, it does not mean you have to go for zari, satins, gold, bling and diamonds as it would not be so comfortable for kids to carry them. And also it’s not necessary to dress you lo in ethnic wear to celebrate festivals. Instead, you can go for comfortable fabrics, with appropriate cuts with unique design and bold colours. This will not only make the outfit look attractive but also it will be comfortable for kids to wear. Further, you can enunciate it with matching or contrast accessories.

I hope my pointers will help you to do your festive shopping for kids in successfully.


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