Meet Mompreneur Kanchan, Owner of The Original Knit

original knit


Move from the necessities to something stylish and from the ordinary to exclusive.


Already into our second year and going stronger than ever, each passing day inspire me to better myself at what I do. But yes, I can say seeing the lack of functional yet beautiful hand-made products at an attractive price in the baby market motivated me to realize my dream of becoming a woman entrepreneur and today  I don’t shy away from saying that I am really proud of my wonderful merchandise.

 The Original Knit Baby Bumble Bee Winter Frock Set

Also the immense satisfaction I get by helping other women through their involvement in my venture cannot be described in words. I strongly feel that that’s the best outcome of all my efforts.


It took 12 years of work as an HR professional, a subsequent sabbatical and a mind-altering trip to my hometown in Mandi that made me to shift gears and tread on the path of entrepreneurship.

I remember how once, while looking for a pair of booties for my son, I stumbled on a foreign website selling these beautifully crafted crochet ones and wished for its availability in our country too. I think the picture got stuck in my mind somewhere but never thought of working upon that impression.  The life went on, I got busy with my professional life and during last March while I was between jobs, I visited my hometown at Mandi in Himachal. There I saw my cousin’s wife knitting crochet booties and gifting away to people. I told her that she can start selling her creation and make some money out of it. And Voila! It was at that particular moment I had the conviction that this could be the idea which, if worked upon effectively, could blossom into a business for me.

The Original Knit Baby Frock Set - Red and White

I started procuring the finished products made by some local women of my hometown and would sell it on my Facebook page. After  getting  good response as my stuff  started attracting lots of eyeball , I  involved more skilled women to work upon the patterns, all designed by me and  also added  variety to my repertoire. It gives me immense pleasure to tell that today we are a strong family of 102 crafters , styling the products ranging from hand-made crochet  frocks, pants , caps, sweaters, shrugs, ponchos, hair-bands,  bags , photo-shoot props – all available in fashionable  and innovative designs for little ones up to the age 3. We have also introduced beautiful crafted purses for women which go well with any attire.

The Original Knit Crochet Floral Purse - Grey

Although I am pretty much doing good through my Facebook page, the need to reach out to more and more people  and interestingly, getting the largest client base from Bangalore,( Chennai and Gurgaon are the next two) incited me  to sell my items on MyBabyCart and so far the decision is worth it.

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