Meet Mompreneur Juhi Gupta, Owner of Baby O Baby



Baby O Baby is an extension of my hobby and something I love doing, shopping and dressing up my baby!!

After having worked for 15 years in the corporate world, it lost  its sheen. And after I had my baby I resented all the time I had to spend away from her. The long and unending meetings, the futile discussions, the office politics  all got to me. Not to mention my daughter waiting at the gate calling out Mummy to every car that passed.

That is when I quit, not because she needed me but I needed her. Her sweet precious years were passing me by & I had very little time.

Thats how Baby O Baby was born. Having shopped extensively at all brands for children, I realized there was not enough variety or creativity available. All of them made more or less similar clothes and were quite expensive. I started exploring and discovered there were amazing products

available for children from across the world. I started importing them and people loved them. All the products that I get are different from the ordinary and not run of the mill.  I try and get what I think children and their parents will love, are unique, good quality and reasonable in terms of pricing.

Of course being a mompreneur is not without its own challenges and it will take a while before I earn as much as my hefty corporate package. But its totally worth it!!
People say my daughter has become brighter and happier after I have become a mompreneur. I think that is reward enough!!

Thank you to for making it possible!!

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