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To be able to perform with a free mind ,  in a care-free environment and without being bound by specific working hours , is what  today’s  working mothers  actually equate the  meaning of freedom with or at least that’s what they crave for in their professional life.  One such venture where I found the freedom of expression is MBC,   for which I write blogs. There are many other mothers like me who are a part of this e-commerce venture and contributes efficiently in its day to day working without getting bogged down by any strict work guidelines.

Leena takes pride in calling herself as “customer mom “who also handles a bit of marketing for her company. She used to work in global crisis management team of a reputed company before quitting her job   and now juggles efficiently between the role of a home-maker and a working woman.   Made possible because of the telecommuting option which her company provides, now she is there for all her kid’s “firsts” plus meticulously handles the customer care department of MyBabyCart, an e-commerce website.

“I quit my job after the birth of my child but sitting at home and doing the routine household chores made me restless. I felt the need to put my brains to some use before it becomes dull. I dabbled in one or two jobs but quit as sometime the working hours were not suitable or the job was not to my liking.  When I got the opportunity to work for MBC, I immediately grabbed the offer as the flexible work hours suited me.   It’s been a fruitful learning experience   since then and because the job has helped my personality to reemerge, I feel more confident person today,” says Leena.

Like her there are many women who due to various reasons- relocation, marriage, kids or even boredom had to leave their job. And those who want to return back to work after a hiatus are not able to find possible avenues which should gel with their family life too. For others, who don’t want to work full-time, finding interesting part-time work also pose an impediment.   The good thing is that last few years have seen a boom in the field of entrepreneurship. Today, along with big e-tail businesses, many small –scale entrepreneurial activities are fast emerging thus creating more job opportunities.  Many among these are being initiated by a woman, who in turn creates a woman-friendly work culture.  Since it’s headed by a mother, MBC   too understands a woman’s need, concerns and capacity. It understands that for a working mother there’s a life outside her office also, so it offers them work which they can do to best of their abilities without feeing overburdened.

For Rakchha Rai, Director Products MBC, the beauty of this organization lies in its constitution. “Nobody’s’ role is limited to paper-pushing.  If the mother who does cataloguing for us couldn’t come for work, even I am always ready to fill in for her.”  Another feature that works in their favour is that they have an informal working environment where the employees are given freedom to express their views for the betterment of the company. “We take suggestions from our staff because for us they are part of our family and their own work experience sometimes comes in handy, “she adds.

Since it’s  a business , naturally  any e-commerce venture  will  first think about its sales, profit ,expansion  and then about its employees but theirs  being a mother-centric  establishment, the  main  focus of MBC is to develop a  unique work culture  as per the employees requirement which makes them feel worthwhile and is conducive to their growth.   According to Mridula, founder MBC, “Come to think of it, it’s all related. If the staff is happy and contented, it reflects in their quality of work too. When the quality of services we provide is good, it projects a positive image of the company. And to achieve the desired results we also go to any lengths to accommodate the need of our personnel.”

Arpita, who is the operations head of MBC vouches for this. “When I joined MBC, they gave me the option of work-from-home.  Besides, their  flexible working hours and  the availability of backup  person  just in case I couldn’t work on a particular day; made me feel so secure that now I can’t think of working elsewhere.”  Also the open-ended rules of the company reflect the quality of work we mothers do here.

And why shouldn’t it?   At the end of the day the company just wants an excellent result, no matter when the employees work or where they work.  The modus operandi of company is also simple. Instead of wasting their time and energy by going the traditional way of recruitment, MBC approach various communities of everstylish moms where former professional corporate women turned stay-at- home mom and many other enterprising mothers who are willing to work are brought on board.  And since there are many skills , be it soft or technical, which due to time-gap many  women had forgotten, a short training to update them  on the use of latest technology,  negotiation techniques, computer skills and nuances of  marketing  is given.

Female employees of this Co-op are also encouraged to attend various meets and seminars organized by them so that they can benefit professionally through such programs. Today right from product cataloging to blogging; customer care services to marketing; logistics to management,   is all done by women who are an integral part of MBC family.  All in all, the business understanding, ability of being naturally good at networking and the imaginative power of a woman is put to a good use in here.  In fact Mridula feels that instead of them, it is these mothers who are helping them build a cost-efficient venture.


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