Is it safe for my baby?


New mom often has these doubts, is it safe to use Kajal, should I use besan on my baby. Know the real facts about the same here.

Is applying kajal safe for newborn’s eyes?

According to an old wives’ tale, putting kajal or surma to newborn’s eyes can make it look attractive and bigger but doctors say it’s a myth. Infact this practice can lead to various eye allergies. Moreover it’s unsafe for the sensitive transparent layer which covers the center of eyes, even if kajal is 100% home-made or lead free.

To ward off evil eye, you can put little tika or kajal on back of ear or sole of baby’s foot which is a safer option.

Applying atta/ besan before giving bath to newborn

According to traditional custom, before giving bath, newborns are massaged with atta or besan, which is a mixture of gram flour, turmeric and milk or curd, to remove excess hair from the body. Although there is no scientific proof to support this tradition as body hair are determined by baby’s genes, mothers still follow the practice.

Even if you choose to practice this ritual on your baby, make sure the besan mixture is not ingested by mistake as it might cause upset stomach. Also look for any redness/ rash or skin allergy which these products might cause on baby’s sensitive skin.

Tying black thread around baby’s waist or neck

To protect their newborn from an evil eye, many parents still tie black thread around baby’s waist or neck. It’s best not to do so as the thread might cause skin rash or redness. The thread could also get tangled around baby’s neck if it’s pulled accidentally or gets stuck in any button or hook of the clothes. Tied on wrist, baby might suck upon it or puts it in his mouth which could be dangerous.

It’s best to put little black mark behind the ears or base of baby’s foot.

Using pillow to give shape to baby’s head

It’s a time-honoured practice to rest newborn’s head on horseshoe shaped pillow filled with mustard seeds to give round shape to the delicate head. But now  doctors  advise not to use pillows till child is 2 years, because if torn accidentally, pillow’s filling can pose a choking hazard if it make its way to baby’s mouth or nose .Also when placed in a fixed position, baby won’t be able to move his head and can get choked  in case he spits or vomits.

Still keen on using the pillow, then regularly check for any wear and tear. Don’t put embellishments like beads etc. on the pillow. It’s better to use pillow during day-time under your watchful eyes. The other safer way to give shape is to move his head sideways gently with your hands from time to time or when the baby is awake don’t let him lay flattened on his back for long, instead carry him.


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