Is IPad good or bad for babies?


Is IPad Play Good?

With the advent of I-phone, I-pad, digital textbooks and such other electronic gadgets fast becoming a part of growing up years, a debate is on whether these are good or bad for kids.

In these busy times, just to buy a few minutes of quiet times; parents thrust their I-pad or I-phones to their kids to engage them. They say it’s a boon at the places like doctor’s office or during long journeys where they don’t know how to entertain their kids beyond a certain time. The result – a win-win situation for both parties, where kids get hooked to I-pad and parents get some peace of mind.

Then there are parents who purposely want their child to enter and explore the wonder of this digital world. They will download the various applications- right from nursery rhymes to ABC’s, puzzles, music, storybooks and likewise, or where the child can hone his creativity by drawing, colouring or even cooking. Developers of these applications believe it gives hours of stimulating education, creativity and fun for children. Apple’s   i-Tunes has more than 500 applications aiming to teach “fine motor skills” and “develop hand-eye coordination” between babies from 0-2.5 years of age group.

Another school of thought belongs to those parents who firmly believe that in a real world child should deal with real objects. “A book cannot be replaced by its digitalized version. A child can never learn  any skills from an I-Pad application what he can otherwise gain  by holding and playing with  a three-dimensional toy”, is what they believe.

Perhaps it all depends on the usage- how much and for how long. As long it’s not interfering with the kid’s health like disrupted sleep, weak eyesight or a quality   parental time, child can gain from this medium. But if left unmonitored or not used in moderation, the child might not benefit and the device can prove to be a bane than boon.

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