My Mom-in-law Inspires Me a Lot!


Women are the best creation of God on the Earth..

My mother in law Sushma Gupta is the only woman who inspires me a lot. She has changed my life. She inspires me to work hard and do better in what I do in life. She always teaches me to look for good in others instead of faults. She made me understand that always being with your family because your family will always be with you.

In a way, she was a physical Representative of ” Do unto others, what you want to be done to you..”. Her cheerfulness, is something I hope to develop when I grow up as well. She always takes care of someone before herself. For me, she is a beautiful person inside and out.

She encouraged me to set a goal in life and do whatever I could do to reach that goal. When I grow older I want to be just like her..

This saying is quite true for all women..

” Men make roads, but it is the Women who teach the Children how to walk”..

As shared on MyBabyCart Facebook Page by Mansi Gupta



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