Ideas to Celebrate Kid’s Birthday Party in Bangalore


Unless you are a parent whose creativity and innovations knows no bounds or is herself a party planner by profession, then you probably fall in the same category as myself who, for your child’s birthday party either resort to websites for ideas or simply delegate the work to a professional party planner who does the job for you, which is not a bad idea as long as it’s done well and kids have a blast!

But if you want to add an extra edge to your kid’s special day, then look no further and keep reading this blog. Possibilities are that one of the following ideas might strike the right cord with you. In Bangalore, I have attended many birthday parties along with my daughters and to my surprise have discovered that the city now boasts of some unique venues and ideas to make it a memorable day for the birthday child in true sense. Here’s a list of the same which I have enjoyed the most:

1) Claytopia:   This is like one-stop shop where right from entertainment to food to ambience, every aspect will make your birthday party a huge success. My daughter, who recently attended her friend’s party there, was all gung-ho about the place. Other than the usual cake-cutting and food, the activity which she really enjoyed was painting a fridge magnet which still adorns my fridge! According to her the staff patiently helped her other friends in coating the pots made of clay in different colours. The outdoor area of the bistro is great place for the adults to hang out and the studio is the area where all the action takes place for the kids.

You can choose from different packages available for a  price range starting from Rs.375 per child to Rs.595 where kid can choose  one item to paint (like vase, coaster, bowl, box etc. and it’s  for  them to keep) plus food ( burger, pasta and fries). Birthday cake can be brought from outside. The studio can easily accommodate 40 kids. Additional activities like face painting, pottery, caricature, hair braiding and mehendi etc. can also be arranged for additional price, though it could be a little pricey (they charge around Rs.2000 for additional activity).

Working on similar lines , one can check out other venues like Peekaboo (off Church Street) and  Gambolla (off Infantry Road) .They have attractive birthday packages where, although , you have to shell out handsome amount but all the work is done by the staff  and you just have to relax and click pictures!

2) Kydz Adda: This is like one-stop shop where right from entertainment to food to ambience, every aspect will make your birthday party a huge success .True to its name Kydz Adda is a perfect den for kids where they instantly connect and at the end of day you literally have to drag them out of this haven. The kids after enjoying cake cutting ceremony in a separate party hall can head straight to the main attraction- the indoor play area, divided into three zones for children of different age-group. Slides, monkey bar, ball pit area, tubes, ride-on cars, play-gym are all a big hit among young kids and tiny tots. The whole place is hygienically maintained and there’s always a supervisor to monitor kids.

For holding birthday party, there are two packages available – in the 1st can have play area and party room to yourself for 3 hours and the whole decoration, a pop-up invitation card, putting of birthday banner and sitting arrangement will be provided by Kydz Adda. Kids will love their scrumptious food which at Rs225 per head offers them 3 veg starters, a welcome drink and either one choice in sandwich/pasta/burger and pizza. In the 2nd for 5 hours which is usually accompanied with lunch/dinner. The floor charges and per child entry is Rs.1500/350 and 2000/550 respectively.

Services like Face Painting, Tattoo, Balloon Art, Caricature, Story-telling, Magician, Puppet Show etc. are also available for additional charges (usually starting from Rs. 1000). The place also offers other flexible packages, where you can mix and match the duration of party and food as per your convenience. And to make your party look really cool and flashy, you can also organize theme party where they decorate the party hall according to your choice of character like Spiderman, Barbie, Dora, Superman etc. Once the venue also held a disco theme party in which the kids had a blast dancing to some famous tunes amidst the dim lights. If everything sounds tempting then look no further and head straight to Banashankari 2nd stage to organize a memorable birthday for your little one.( contact no.- 080 2671 5959, Mobile: 9686 888 222)


3) Tales from Kathalaya:  As parents we know how our children entertain and sometimes, I must say, test our patience by asking us to listen to their imaginative stories which they churn out at the drop of hat.  The world of stories always fascinate kids and taking a cue from this, I suggest you to arrange a story –telling session on your child’s next birthday to further his interest and curiosity by letting him  embroiled in the world of recital and narratives.

One such organization worth mentioning is Kathalaya, also known as house of stories, which organizes story telling sessions in such a way that not only does the kid listen to them in a rapt attention but by the end of it, he himself feels a part of the whole narrative. To arrange such event all you have to do is contact Kathalaya which is located at BTM 2nd stage (080-26689856) and they send people who are well-trained and proficient to make story-telling time enjoyable for kids. Through voice modulation, facial expressions, hand movements and whole body language they bring life to stories which are mostly inspired from nature, mythology and panchtantra etc. They finish an hour long session by playing games, doing origami or interacting with kids through question and answer rounds. If you want you can also combine story telling with puppetry where the artist, through a screen and curtain, after making a   theatre like setting , use  puppets and various props to  stage an interesting show. For each session one has to shell out around five to six thousand bucks, but trust me it’s worth every penny and the whole experience will be little different than the usual.

4) Martin farm:  I am sure and every reader will second me when I say that if you want to bring the best of their facial expression, attitude, the delighted squeals and that picture perfect moment, buy your kid a pet or still better take them to zoo. Kids, whether a baby or a six year old  always get attracted towards  animals  and their enchanted world as they are always curious to know more about animal’s  movement, eating habit and the funny noise they emit.

Although you might find my idea of organizing a birthday party in a place where animals too become a part of birthday celebration a little quirky, but to think of it, won’t it be a terrific and an offbeat proposition to celebrate the occasion amidst their company. To make the whole experience more personal, fun and educational, a venue with a difference I would like to suggest is Martin farm located at Chikkabelandur, Sarjapur.  Spread in an area of 2 acre, it’s a place where kids can see animals like donkey, dog, ducks, pigeons, emus, chicken, rabbit, horse, guinea pig, cows, goat, turtle etc.  from a close range. Your child and his friends will definitely be delighted to see animals roaming around freely and of course if the animal permits, they can also hold, feed and pet it. The whole lush green area with various trees (guava, tomatoes, berries, chiccko, neem, mango) and kids play area with swings, see-saws and jungle -gym add a certain character to the whole ambience. Once the tour is over, there is an enclosure where you can cut the cake and have eatables.

All I can say that having a party at a serene farm far from the hustle and bustle of city can not only prove educational but also high on entertainment quotient. The charges are as follows- for party space/ sit-out charge is Rs.2000, registration/ feeding is 100 per head, catering is available – depending on items selected. Potter (optional) – Rs. 4000/- (fixed cost, includes all materials, items can be taken home), Potted plants are offered as take home gifts (optional) – Rs. 40/- each. To confirm, a minimum booking advance of Rs. 3000/- will have to be paid.

Another place worth mentioning is Mother Sanctuary located off Sarjapur road. Lapped in the arms of Mother Nature this getaway is similar like Martin farm where the kids get the company of domestic animals and enjoy activities like playing in sandpit, jumping on trampoline and cycling on tracks (they provide kiddie cycles). They have their own kitchen where the snacks can be arranged for birthday party. The cutest part I want to mention is that as a return gift, they present the child with the same sapling which he plants in a pot!

5) Clown around with a clown: Colourful shirt with hat, baggy pants with big shoes, exaggerated make-up with wig and last but not the least that big round nose, I am sure all these details does bring a faint smile on your face as you conjure up the image of a clown and are transported to the time when as a child we saw him at the circus or meet the jester at somebody’s birthday where his antics made us laugh. So why the good old clown is missing from today’s birthday parties and taken over by tattoo making artist or  DJ churning out latest tracks from movies on which kids just dance aimlessly.

I suggest for your kids next birthday party hire a clown and get the party rolling with full-on entertainment as the comic entertainer play various tricks, present with different antics or just engage children and everyone watching with his funny jokes and fun –filled can look up online where various websites like,,, will provide you with various listings for clowns according to your taste and budget.

For my daughter’s last birthday party I called one therapeutic clown – Dr. Boing who was clown cum magician. He made children laugh, run and play through various games and worked his way into kids heart through magic tricks and balloon art. The best part was kids becoming so comfortable around him that they were freely talking and enjoying with the clown and the little kids could not help but were constantly touching his nose. Two hours just flew by and after that we had to literally beg him to stop his activities for some time so that we can cut cake. He charged 7K which I felt was too little an amount as it made my daughter’s day extra special which we are going to cherish for years.

6) Pizza hut/ McDonald: I know there is nothing new in the venue when I say Pizza hut or McDonald but to think of it, if you want to go the tried and tested way and don’t have much time to venture into the above given choices, then these are the places where you can never go wrong whether it’s with food or the fun. Oh yes, talking of food, show me a kid whose taste buds are not tickled by  pizza, pasta or burgers and if the food concludes with his choicest of ice-creams it’s like icing on the cake.

And if you check, these fast-food joints in your vicinity might have separate hall for holding birthday parties making it more personal and manageable with kids.  Once I have attended a birthday party at one of the McDonalds in Whitefield area where they had an exclusive room to hold birthday party and the staff also conducted some games for the children.

With the above given choices, I think I have given the readers ample options and made it easy for them to choose both venue and menu. So gear up for your kid’s next birthday party and have loads and loads of fun.


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