How to – Select New Born Clothes

new born

Congratulations on the recent addition to your family.  Since a child is indeed a treasure and will change your life significantly, there are likely lots of different ideas and concepts coursing through your mind.  This is normal; however, before you take your new bundle of joy home, you need to decide how best to dress the baby for the average day in India.

Babies can only communicate in crying, so keeping a baby comfortable will make for a happier baby.  Cotton clothes are the best for small newborns because cotton is soft and non-abrasive to skin.  Inner wear for cold weather should also be cotton, as it will keep the newborn warm while not dressed in overly bulky clothing.

All newborn wear should be quick and easy to change, so open fronts and wide collars are best to put over a baby’s head.  Diaper change access, normally a snap close bottom is also best since you will not have to take all of the baby’s clothes off to change a diaper.

Inner wear, as mentioned above, is absolutely necessary in cold weather so the baby does not catch cold or become sick.  As newborn immune systems are not fully developed, the chances of a baby getting sick are considerably higher than with a child or adult.  Also, a baby cannot communicate if they are hot or cold, so dressing in layers is the best way to keep the baby comfortable.

Finally, for the best overall clothing choice for a baby, the optional decision is a romper suit.  A romper suit meets all of the necessary qualifications outlined above and is normally stylish and attractive.  For the best value for your hard-earned money, the Cucumber, Zero brand is your best choice and for the more attractive, premium wear, the Mothercare brand.


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