How to Organize a Family Picnic at Home



Picnics are one of the best ways to create beautiful, lasting memories together as a family. Most of us remember going for small treks or visiting historical places with family for a picnic and those are the memories that we cherish to this day. Those were the good old days, when parents could take their children for an adventure, with picnic baskets and games tucked away without a second thought.  But, sadly times have changed and today’s work schedules don’t really allow us to take our little ones out for a picnic very often. Parents, who are working, find little time to plan an out-of-town expedition.

However, a picnic with kids does not have to be elaborate, time consuming or even outside of your home! A simple picnic at home can be just as much fun. The idea behind a picnic is to spend quality time as a family, have fun together and enjoy nature.

These some simple picnic ideas and suggestions, which will help you organize and plan a hassle-free picnic at home.

  1. Pick a Date: Pick a date and time which is convenient for all the family members. Picnics are best to have on a weekend, when all members are free to get together and have fun without having to worry about work or other commitments.
  2. Make a Guest-list: If you want to invite your extended family or kid’s buddies, it’s best to make a list. This way you will avoid forgetting anybody important and you will be able to get confirmation on the number of people. However, if you’d like to keep the picnic small, limited to your own family, then you may want to skip this step.
  3. Picnic Spot: Once the date and time is fixed, pick a spot at home that is spacious enough to have a picnic. There is no better space than a garden to have a picnic, but if your home does not have a garden, don’t stress. You can always choose a space, which is open, like a backyard, balcony or even the terrace. Make sure you clear out the area and make space for the picnic. You can even go the extra step and decorate the area with green and flowering plants. 
  4. Supplies: Picnics are different from just spending the time in the garden with your family. You need to put some effort into making your outdoors seem like a picnic spot. You will need some common supplies like blankets, mats, picnic basket, garbage bags to dispose of the wastes, tissues and paper napkins, cups & bowls, plates, knife and spoons. Buy things that are colourful and bright, that any kid would love. The idea behind putting together all these supplies is that you don’t have to run inside every time you need something.
  5. Games for Picnic: Games and picnic are two sides of the same coin, there cannot be one without the other. Picnic is all about spending time with your kids playing games, doing activities together and enjoying your family. Plan your picnic ahead of time, some families would want to play board games and listen to music, while others will prefer to get dirty in the mud playing football or cricket. Decide what you would like to do and plan family games to play.
  6. Food: Food is what makes picnics fun. Even though most families sit and have their daily meals together, eating picnic food together is something else. Remember to pack picnic favorites like sandwiches, cupcakes and chilled fruit juice.

It doesn’t matter when or where you choose to have a picnic, just enjoy the day and have fun with your family. If you could leave your cell phone and laptop on silent/standby, it would be great! Happy Picnicking at home!


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