Parenting : How to Monitor your Baby's Nanny


Parenting Tips


After scrutinizing many applications, doing background check and interviewing countless candidates, now that your search to find a perfect nanny is over, another worry which might bother you day in and out is if the caregiver you have chosen is working diligently towards your child or not. The dilemma is once you have hired a nanny after much effort, you don’t want to lose her by unnecessarily interfering in her daily activities and at the same time can’t kill your urge to monitor her working style as you are leaving the welfare of your child in a strangers’ hand and it’s a natural instinct to worry about his safety. By putting the following parenting  tips and tricks in use, in a tactful and smart way to check in on your nanny, could ensure that you have a long-lasting and trustworthy relation with her.

1) Make a quick phone call :

The simplest and easiest way to keep tabs on the caregiver is to make a quick phone call at home anytime during day and casually ask her a few questions  like how is  it going, what’s your child doing etc., this  will help you in predicting  the general atmosphere of the home.

2) Give a surprise visit at home :

If the time permits, under some pretext, you can give a surprise visit at home to personally see if nanny is sticking to the schedule you have asked her to and determine if the child is  happy in her company.

3) Rely on your friends or neighbours :

As a committed professional it’s not always possible to leave the work and visit home, in such situation you can rely on your friends or neighbours. You should always keep these people in confidence by telling them about your new nanny, requesting them to drop by your home if possible or just check on nanny’s behavior when your child is in park or how she communicates with the child when she comes to drop or pick him up at bus-stop. Based on the feedback of these people you can know more about your babysitter.

4) Verify the daily routine :

I feel getting first-hand information is always better, so before your nanny leaves always verify if everything is done according to the pre-set schedule and get a debrief of the day’s happenings . This will give her an impression that you are a concerned parent and she will always be on her toes with the apple of your eye.

5) Listen to your kids :

After waving goodbye to the nanny, ask your child how his day was, what all activities he did with her and if he mentions something unusual or complain about something, you can clear all the doubts by politely asking your nanny about it.

6) Observe and follow your maternal instinct :

The situation becomes little difficult if child is too small to speak, so here’s  the mantra to follow observe and follow your maternal instinct! Although your child can’t talk to you but he can very well express his feelings, so observe his body language. When my kid was small , I used to take cue  from the  sad face she would  make when her nanny parts from her at the end of the day , making me feel relieved that she really likes her and after she was gone, now  this may sound funny,  I used to  check the number of waste diapers in the diaper bin which  clearly indicated that  my daughter had been properly changed after every two hours , just one of a small cues among others to give me satisfaction that my kid is well-cared for.

7) Check your kid’s body :

To avoid any unforeseen incident like child abuse- both physical and mental, you should also check your kid’s body for any cuts, bruises or other unusual injuries. A good nanny will always explain about any accident but if she doesn’t, then there’s something fishy and calls for your immediate attention.  Similarly if the child is showing any withdrawal symptoms or cries whenever you leave him (even after a month or two after appointing the nanny), it also calls for your scrutiny.

8) Placing a nanny camera :

One latest gadget to enter the Indian market in this context is “nanny cam”. This is a small camera which you can install in your home at some discreet position and it will streamline the live video on your laptop or computer. Placing a nanny cam is one of the many ways through which you can monitor her and ensure that the babysitter follows the schedule chalked out by you for your child. It’s the most concrete way of keeping a track of all the daily activity which your child’s nanny engages with him and the added benefit is that whenever it’s possible you can enjoy watching your child’s action, all telecasted live. But before you install the camera, you might want to tell the nanny about it so that you don’t   lose her faith in case she finds about it later.

9) Work out timings with your spouse :

Last but not the least, if you are not at all comfortable leaving your kid in the hands of total stranger then try to work out timings with your spouse in such a way that either one of you go late to office & the other one come home little early so that there’s always somebody to keep an eye on the nanny.

All said and done, the truth is as you can’t be everywhere every single time with your baby, do your best in finding a perfect nanny for the kid and if you doubt the nanny’s intention, then apply the above given suggestions to have a complete peace of mind. Happy Parenting!!