How to make kids drink milk

How to Make Kids Drink Milk

How to Make Kids Drink Milk

For some parents, once their kid gets off from breast or bottle milk, making them drink from glass is a herculean task. Here are some tips, we hope you might find helpful in dealing with the situation.

Start by giving small servings. Ask the child to at least try, after a while he might like. Explain him the benefits of milk, how it will make him strong and grow fast like daddy and mommy. Children love these analogies and the trick might work. Set an example in front of them. Drink milk yourself too when you pour for them, child loves to imitate.

Add some fun and games to the routine. Tell them let’s see who will get a big milky moustache first or race with them to the finish while closing the nose with the other hand. Award them with star stickers for the job done. Lure them with some prize. Tell him, if he drinks the milk before mommy finishes counting 20, he might get a candy or colouring book etc. Remember to keep your promise but don’t make it a habit.

Next time you go shopping, let him pick the special glass in which he wants the milk to be served. Or buy some fun straws to sip the milk with. If he doesn’t like plain milk, ask him to choose any flavours (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry) and add in milk. The child’s involvement in decision making and with add-ons like giving milk with a cookie might do the trick.

Try not to scold or pressurize the kid on drinking milk, it might backfire. If the above given methods doesn’t help, then try blending milk with something else. For example, add fruits or yogurt to make milkshakes and smoothies, make puddings, cakes and scrambled eggs using milk. These days flavoured breakfast cereals are available in the market, try serving milk with them, it can get your child’s approval.


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