How To Dress Babies For Summers?

summer dressing

Sweaty and sultry summers are back. As the mercury keeps rising, you get busy keeping your family and yourself, cool and dry, away from the scorching heat. Summers can get really nasty for us considering the sweat, dehydration, heat strokes and the list goes on. The north and west are extremely dry with the dangerous warm, sweltering winds, while the east is all messy due to sweat. Down south, places are Bangalore, which used to be comfortable enough during summers, are also heating up day by day.

Summers can get really uncomfortable for a new born and especially if it’s their first summer ever. Mothers need to take extra care to alleviate the impact of summer for infants. They need to be always kept cool and dry. The irritating heat and sweat can really take its toll on small babies (0 to 1 years) and can be a cause of distress for both the mother and the baby. They have the highest chances of falling sick due to excessive heat. Being cranky, crying periodically, aversion to food, dehydration, constipation, heat rashes and boils, prickly heat and other symptoms can get annoying for them and equally tiresome for the mother to pacify. They might need to be rushed to the doctor if symptoms become severe. Overheating can also lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which can the fatal for the baby.

So, certain measures need to be taken in time to make summers as comfortable as possible for them. The best thing to start with is dressing them comfortably for the summer.

Few simple tips might help you to choose the right clothes for your baby this summer:

Loose fitting clothes: Stock up sufficient loose, cotton rompers and shirts for your baby. Make sure you make them clothes for the body to breath. Avoid long-sleeved, tight tops and long pajamas. Cotton is the best fabric as it absorbs perspiration. Avoid dark colours and opts for light coloured clothes as dark colours absorb more heat. White is most preferred colour during summers. For onesies, choose the one which you can snap easily in the bottom for a diaper change. You can buy cute seven weekday or ‘I love mommy and daddy’ T-shirts in a set so that you have enough of them as you might need to change many times if they sweat. These are very nice when your baby is at room temperature.

Jhablas are much in fashion these days. The cute, sleeveless, comfortable tops are available in summer cool colours both for boys and girls. Apart from these, organic clothes have come up in a new way. These ate indigenously made clothes with natural fibres, avoiding harsh chemical and strong dyes, which can affect the  baby skin. They are comfortable to wear, durable and also available in wide variety of designs and colours. Change diapers frequently or use cotton cloth diapers for better air circulation and to avoid or reduce nappy rashes.

Summer accessories: Keep a cute summer hat handy, one with no loose ends that can hurt the baby. Sun goggles might not be a good idea as the sticks can hurt your little one. However, now-a-day goggles have been customized for babies to ensure their safety and comfort. The ones with straps at the back can be a good buy to save those twinkling eyes from the blazing sun. You can also invest in a cute,colorful swimsuit for your little angel. It is very important to keep your baby ventilated indoors as much as possible, so no need to use those when at home. When you are going out, you can also use cotton caps with a string, which can be tied. As it is very important to keep your baby hydrated during summer, for babies less than 6 months always keep a nursing cover handy, when going out as you might have to nurse frequently.

Additions while going out: It is very important to safeguard your little baby and their delicate skin from the blazing sun. Try to keep them indoors as much as possible. In case you absolutely have to go out, cover them completely when going out. Do not use very heavy clothes, rather a full pajama or a long skirt. Avoid using a sunscreen on babies less than six months as their skin is too delicate and chemicals could be harsh on them. After six months, if the heat is too strong and you have to move out, always use a sunscreen that has been recommended by the doctor. Always use a head cover when going out in strollers.

Under air conditioning: Excess heat can be harmful for infants, hence it is better to keep them in an air-conditioned room if the heat is unbearable. But, always take special care that the temperature is regulated properly and the room doesn’t become too cold. While in air conditioned room, you can dress up your baby in a single layer of full pajama and a light top, especially while sleeping. Then, you can put him/her in a lightweight sleeper or wrap in a lightweight blanket. It is not necessary to use socks or mittens when inside as palms can get sweaty. But, while in air conditioned room, you can put cotton socks in case the room gets too chilly.

The above points are nothing new but probably sometimes we tend to forget following few simple things, both indoors and outdoors, to relieve your babies during summertime. There are many other steps or measures that can be followed, but always choose the right clothes, in which your baby is well-ventilated. They need to feel comfortable in clothes, of course after a mother’s touch.

Shopping during summers becomes an ordeal due to the heat and sweat. But, with the advent of technology, you can buy summer essentials, sitting in the comfort of your home. Various baby product e-commerce portals provide a wide range of summer products at attractive prices. You can find the right summer clothes and accessories for your baby at Mybabycart. A huge spectrum of choices and deal are available in their website. There are apparels and accessories for babies made by Mompreneurs, because who else knows better than a mother what is most suitable for babies in summers. You can browse, search and choose from some of the best products available at the most reasonable prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Pickup up your gadgets and gear up for some ‘summer cool’ shopping for yourself and your baby!


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