How to Dress a Baby Girl on her First Birthday?

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The D-day is finally arriving and my checklist is all in place. My daughter’s first birthday and I am busy day in and out to make this mini marriage like occasion a grand success. Every preparation is going on at a fine pace until I realize amidst all the excitement I haven’t yet decided on THE PARTY DRESS. For crying out loud, the birthday is just a fortnight away! More than the food, adornments and whatnot  it’s the birthday girl who should be the talk of the town, though she herself can’t talk beyond ma-ma and pa-pa. Meaning, she has to gain full score on her looks to compensate for her oratory skills.  How vain I sound! But I am sure all the mothers who have daughters will agree with me that we just love to decorate our daughters and birthdays are those special occasions when we get the chance to doll them up in the best attire so that guests ask “from where did you buy her such a pretty dress”?

Fashion for baby!

My daughter is an August baby and the season is perfect to flaunt her in the choicest of summer attire available in the market.  My journey began with making trips to various malls of the city but soon realized that the time spent on roads, shops and selecting an outfit from the limited number of choice was not worth it. So I decided to enter the virtual world and Oh My! Stocked with latest taste in fashion, the collection each website holds is mind-boggling.

I am having an afternoon birthday party and after much contemplation, I decided to buy my little one a sleeveless multi-colour tutu-dress with shades of pink, green and yellow. Little girls in a these small skirts which are either multi or single layered with starched net jutting out look every inch delectable.The flower appliques on the bodice of the outfit,something like a rosette top, along with a matching crochet headpiece made the whole ensemble a head-turner. I completed the look with stockings and silver-coloured bellies. Though lighter shade goes well during the day but if you are having the party at night, I suggest you can go with dark colours like red, purple or even shades of blue.

Mine decided, I could now help you out in selecting a right birthday dress for your peanut. Some of the ideas to make it easy are as follows:

Decide According to Season: 

The weather pattern of a place determines the choice in clothing so dress your little angel accordingly. If she is a summer baby you can opt for shorts, t-shirts, sleeveless frocks or cute little tutus. Dresses comes in various colours and though pink remains the hot-favourite, you can also try green, orange, light purple or any other pastel shade which is soothing in the sultry whether.

The latest cuts  and patterns in the clothing gear  like asymmetrical hemlines , one-shoulder strap, round / square or halter- neck embellished  with glitter, pearls , brooches, sequins and ribbons are perfect to wear on birthday.  The birthday girl also cuts a cute figure in Polka dotted or small animal (ladybug, bee)printed frock.These  beautifully crafted clothing item  never goes out of fashion  and comes in chiffon, lace or satin  material with  layers  added  underneath for extra  fluffiness  . With a sash-tie at the back to give it a proper fit, frocks are hot-favourite among mothers.

If the weather is chilly the kid can wear long-sleeved dress or woollen frock paired with tights. Even a pair of jeans matched with a trendy top looks bang on. A cute sweater or a cardigan, crocheted wrap, booties and designer caps will keep the child warm in cold season without compromising on the looks.

Go for a Theme Party and Dress Accordingly:

Cindrella Dress

Organizing a birthday based around a theme is a great hit among children as well as adults. The aim is to design decorations, cake, party- poppers/hats, return gifts such a way that’s it’s connected to a particular idea or character. Naturally the birthday dresswhich should go with the theme tops the list.

Princess – Fairyland Dress

For example if it’s a fairyland theme, make your cutie-pie wear a flowy fairy dress with wings attach to it.  For princess theme, colours play a major role. Snow-white always wear a gown-dress in yellow and blue, so buy her that and crown her with a tiara. You can relate to Minnie-mouse theme if your daughter dresses in hot pink frock with big white polka dots and a hairband with mouse ears on it.

I remember one of my relatives daughter birthday was based on Hawaiian theme.  The birthday girl wore a multi-colored tutu skirt till knee-length with tube-neck top and completed the look with flower lei. No wonder it was picture-perfect attire. Recently, I attended a party which was themed around the movie Frozen. The birthday girl wore a beautiful white frock hemmed with layers of blue net ruffle around the waist. Needless to say, with a silver crown in place, she looked simply adorable.

Add a Personal Touch:

Personalised Onsie

Weather you are pairing it with skirt, shorts or a pair of jeans, a personalized onesie or a t-shirtwhen worn over it makes wonderful attire for the birthday party.  With many websites offering  such services where they custom-made the top with  either child’s name or number 1 and even “birthday girl” scripted on it,it not only adds a zing to an otherwise plain bodice but is also an innovative idea to dress up  your angel.

Traditional Wear Never Goes Out of Fashion:

Baby Girls Ethnic Wear

To make your little one look grand opt for the evergreen lehnga choli or salwar suit.  A big advantage of this attire is that you never run out of the choices. It comes in chic prints and in various colours -bright orange, magenta, purple, blue, red etc. You can also choose the ones with intricate embroidery done on it to add a royal touch to the whole ensemble.When teamed with nice pair of footwear and accessory, this outfit will sure make your munchkin the center of attention at the party.


Though there are some factors to be kept in mind before you dress her up.

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Skirt & Top Set

  1. Make sure the birthday dressis skin-friendly, comfortable and light-weight.  The last thing you want is a cranky baby on her own birthday bash.  To avoid  discomfort due to any  rough edges, make her wear a camisole/ vest underneath so that the outfit doesn’t rub against the body or still better, keep an extra pair of comfortable wear that can be changed after the cake-cutting or photo session.

    Fashion Accessories

  2. To up the style quotients of the dress match it with the right accessory. There’s a wide range of trendy hairbands, clips, bracelets, necklaces, footwear etc.Available online which can be paired with the garb. But care should be taken while accessorizing her as the child likes to put everything in her mouth. To avoid the choking risk,have it minimal and always keep an eye on the kid.
  3. Compared to the regular brick and mortar shop, making an online  purchase is advantageous as with just a click  of the button you can get a variety, latest design and fashion to choose from.  But if ordering online,   do so a month before the birthday lest 810-403 there is any size, quality or design issue, you get ample time to buy another after returning the first one.


Whether it’s a casual low-key family affair 070-464 or a big birthday bash, your child will have only one first birthday. So why not give her the couture look by dressing her up in a perfect little dress and take delight in all the praises coming her way!


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