How to choose right daycare for your baby?


Finding a quality daycare which suits your child’s personality, thus making it easier for him to adapt to its environment, can be a daunting task for the parents. So how to go about it? Foremost, it’s always a good idea to visit to the facility on a normal working day to get to know how it functions. Don’t shy to visit there more than once though, to get a fair idea.

Certain parameters to be checked before you check-in your kid in a daycare are:

  • Staff and general care- Talk personally to the director/principal of daycare. Get to know about the teachers and the support staff, their credentials, if they are well-trained in handling a small child, what is the staff to child ratio. Go around the center; see how the they interacts with the kids.
  • Hygiene and Environment: Look if the facility is well-kept. Is there separate space available for different age-group? Feel free to ask questions- like how often they clean the toys and furniture-are they age-appropriate? see if outdoor play area is safe for the kids to play? Notice the neatness in kitchen and toilets; see if each child has personal crib or bedding.
  • Meals: Check if the daycare provides clean meals, which can be a boon for working mothers. Inquire if they have proper storage facility for breast milk.
  • Illness: Ask if the daycare has doctor on- call in case of emergency. Check if the caregivers are trained in giving first-aid, if required.
  • Daily schedule: You need to know the daily time-table they follow or how do they keep the child engaged, do they impart any early educational programme? what is the time-limit to watch television?  Other than that check what is the pick-up or drop time, do they have transport facility if required?
  • Lastly check the annual fees, registration policy, late pick-up charges, what material the daycare provide or what do they expect you to send from home. Before you zero in on any daycare check for its proximity from your home or workplace. The nearer, the better!

Go through the above check-list and see which facility works out best for you and your child.


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