How to Celebrate Diwali with Kids?


Diwali, the biggest and the most auspicious festival is enjoyed thoroughly by both adults and kids. This Diwali let’s do something different for kids to turn it into an opportunity where we involve them in the celebrations to the fullest. We suggest some simple activities which parents can help their kids with:

  1. What’s Diwali without diyas? Sure you can buy them in the market but won’t it be more fun if kids make it themselves? Use self-hardening clay or play dough and mold them in interesting shapes of your choice. After air drying them use colourful paints and beads or sequins to decorate them. Glue a tea-light inside it and voila! Your own cute diyas are ready. Similarly, one can decorate candles also with paints, ribbons and glitters. Kids would love to display their creation and earn praises.
  2. For those little hands who cannot make any craft item, parents can take print out of the pictures depicting the story of Ramayana or some firecrackers and let the child try his hand in colouring.
  3. On this day make rangoli in front of main door or inside your house with your young one. It will be fun for them to make simple patterns and filling it up with coloured sand and flowers. Then display the diyas and candles made by the child in middle of rangoli.
  4. Go shopping with your kids. It will be learning experience for them as they get to know what all to buy on this festival. You can purchase small inexpensive gifts so that they can exchange with their friends. Still better, help them in making small Diwali cards that they can give to their friends and relatives.
  5. Buy small books related to Diwali. Read and explain them why this festival is celebrated.
  6. Diwali is incomplete without bursting crackers. For kids that’s the best and fun part of this festival. Under your supervision, let the small kids enjoy sparklers which are comparatively safer. Avoid crackers which cause pollution and emit loud sounds. Finally celebrate Diwali with puja of Goddess Laxmi and have an elaborate feast with family and friends.

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