How to Bond with your kids for Dads


Dads are the luckiest people as they are mostly involved in the fun activities with kids, unlike mother who have all chores in hand. Dads can connect with Kids in various ways..first is playing with them.

Giving your child horse ride or a ride on a shoulder are good old ways of fun!

Tickling is something which all kids enjoy, so tickle-2!Read a story to your kid, tell them stories of your childhood, paint a picture with your words, kid will love it.Playing with Ball is fun & a good exercise for Dads! You can even opt for Balloons, just have fun catching it with your kid.With younger kids, building something can be lot of fun like building cars from parts!

RC & Electronic toys excite Dads & boys equally:-)

Playing Indoor Cricket with plastic bat or bowling in the room can be great fun!

Being a Spy or Commando with Walkie Talkie is another fun play which Kids & Dads enjoy equally!

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