How to Bathe Your Baby


The importance of keeping your baby bathed and clean is almost as important as feeding it or making sure it gets enough rest and affection. Instilling good bathing habits and standards will ensure that the baby will maintain good hygiene habits as it gets older, and it’s another incredible way to show you care for it. There are many steps to properly do it, so that the baby will benefit from it as well as you.

When bathing your infant, be sure to use products that are specifically designed for a baby, and not for adults. A baby’s skin layers are not fully developed yet, so some of the soaps or shampoos that adults use can be too harsh on a baby’s tender skin. Also, make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and not too hot.

Also, a lot of doctors and physicians recommend massaging the baby before and after the bath. This article lists the pros of a baby massage, and gives the endless benefits of touch to a baby, as well as a parent or caretaker.

Drying a baby off after a bath is also very important. You want to dry all of the water from his or skin after a bath, so the baby does not develop a cold or dry skin. Cover the baby’s head after the bath to keep the heat from escaping, use a large towel, and dry the baby off one portion of the body at a time. Afterwards, use lotion on every part of the baby’s skin you have dried. This also helps prevent dry skin.

Be sure to also take the proper precautions when washing a baby’s face. This article brilliantly covers all of the basic steps on how to wash a baby’s face without hurting it or causing irritation. Also keep in mind to not directly put water in a baby’s eyes, and they should be rinsed with a towel or a muslin cloth.


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