Mompreneurs Digest – Hola Spring!


The tans will fade but the memories will last forever

And finally winters have decided to give way to the best of the best seasons, the spring!

This is the season when you can let your kids out free to play; the evenings are longer & hence more time to play. It’s the time for pretty floral cotton dresses for li’l princesses & ganji-shorts for boys to come back in the picture. Hop from swing to swing in the park or go out cycling with the kiddo gang, take a plunge in the pool or even play with water while watering the pretty flowers in the garden. It’s finally the season to enjoy the fresh and the new all around. No matter what you do remember that the memories you make at every moment will last you a lifetime. And it goes without saying, have loads of fun!
On this note of all things fresh & new, have you checked out our new website yet? When you want to reach out to more people you need to create what pleases their eyes. That’s exactly what we did :)
Do run through the website & share your suggestions/feedback with us to help us create a platform which is absolutely easy to understand & navigate.

Talking of the team, it’s always a pleasure when more mompreneurs join the league. It is so encouraging to see women deciding to give a chance to their entrepreneurial streak. New mompreneurs who joined us in the month of love includes:

Sensational Chocolates        Am the boss                 Shree Shiva Creations

Anagha Creations              Quixot                            Mom-Made

ShopAParty                       DotnDitto                         Adorable little things

Mehira Collection              Waah baby cloth diapers     Nityaansh

Viva Fashions               Twenty One Fashion Studio    Mahavir Coconut Industries

AV Redemption Bonanza     Krya Consumer Products    Leichi Clothing

Jungly World                  Ecoworks Biotech                 Pearl Enterprises


And now it’s time to congratulate our top mompreneurs for the month

Lil Mantra                           Baby O Baby                 Petite Kiddy boutique


You too can turn your passion into a business. Join the unique mompreneur e-commerce platform to grow your business. Click here for details!

Till then make sure to give your dreams a chance & you’d feel the happiest! :)

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