Happy New Year… Let’s Fall In Love Again!!


Aha! 2016 … Feel twenty and look sixteen. Don’t you think, this is that one in a million opportunity to create a new life? Dear girls, ladies, moms and grand moms …what should be on our agenda this New Year. I have a suggestion. Let’s fall in love again… Yeah! And let the reason be love.

Fall in Love!

I feel none of us have loved enough if we’ve had those little insecurities cloud our life and relationship. Do we argue over materialistic things during the courtship? No! We argue over love issues, the paucity of time even after spending the whole day with our special one and how every tiff ends with a kiss and a hug. The way we swear not to fight again only to trip into yet  another argument over, ‘I love you more,’ and the way we shed tears when life changes after we tie the knot and love flies out of the window to lurk as memories or shadows that haunt.

Frankly! In fact, very frankly, this blog is the result of discussions with my dear hubby. Yes! This blog is not a mushy hangover but involves the inputs of Adam’s incarnate.  So hear it all dear Eves to begin the new year with a blush and the golden Swedish words that befit the Adam and the Eve family,

“Love Me, When I Least Deserve it, Because that’s when I Need it Most.”

Doesn’t this strike a chord somewhere? Of course it does  and one is reminded that we come back each day to the person we love. Call it home, call it your abode but it exists because of your spouse. You don’t believe me then read the questions and the answers that are so much a part of your life as much as they are mine. Let Adam and Eve do the talking … whatsay?

Eve: Why does Adam occasionally bring a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed?

Adam: He has just observed Eve’s sleepy form with tousled hair. All her defences are down and she looks so vulnerable. Yes! he steals those moments to adore the love of his life and tries to do a little something to make her smile.

Eve:  Why does Adam snub and frown?

Adam: Oh! He knows he is not doing enough as life is so wretched at times. He is being pulled here and there but there is no solace as confusion persists. He frowns and snubs as helplessness tears him apart for all he wants is to hold Eve and hates to part.

Eve: Why doesn’t Adam speak up to lighten it all?

Adam: Silence is golden; he knows. Silence speaks volumes and quiet are its ways. Speech betrays him, words deceive him and there is none other than Eve who can translate him.

Eve: Really! But Eve may not know how to interpret silence with words. Isn’t it difficult to decipher and decode?

Adam: Silence decodes and deciphers when both sit side by side. The angry sparks cool down and warm showers speed to charm over. Words fail us and love croons a lullaby so smooth. There is nothing to remember or recall. Magic takes over to cast a spell on those dark moments and a sheen crosses by to whisper that everything is all right.

Eve: Yes! you crooned the truth of life. In silence we blossom like the flowers that bloom to attract and tug at the natural strings. But what if things go wrong and Adam fumes and sparks? It is so tough when he breaks my heart.

Adam:  Just love him for he is misunderstood everywhere …just hold him as great moments marooned him. For he is just being his hurt-self with you so hold him, behold him for you are the one whose known his sparkling core.

Eve: Oh! this is so true but life storms with nasty realities when Adam and Eve try to soar. Adam looks dark and Eve so sore; Oh! How I wish someone could help them swim to the shore?

Adam: Just come closer when life jeers to spank and taunt  … it is just being jealous and loud. Your proximity will do it all as love will gush out and mellow him down.

Eve: Oh! Adam you are divine.


Adam: Ah! Eve …it’s because you are mine.

Eve: 2016, it is the time to love afresh with no qualms or fears.

Adam: Hmm…. and pay no heed to jeers and spears. It is love that makes the world go round so let’s twirl to the tunes of the mushy breeze and live to sparkle and marvel  as love is all we have in our hearts.

I can’t stop myself from penning down the feelings of a loving heart yearning to be understood in silence for all the wrongs done.

“My Love, Know that I need a hug,

Especially when I am in that mood so smug,

I’ll have a reason to love you more,

Just envelop my cold touch with the warmth of your core.

Love is a silent poetry in verses for the one we behold

Let’s just ignore the words to touch the hand we need to hold,

Ah! the magic flows again and the music still chimes

We’ve come together as one since we are destined to rhyme.”















Happy New Year… 2016 is all about love …so look 20 and feel 16 to make it happen!!


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