1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Baby Girl


An impending birthday of a friend’s/relative’s daughter and women start raking their brains on what gift is suitable to give on first birthday. I feel nobody can have a definite answer. I myself, even after attending numerous birthdays and receiving gifts on behalf of my girls, sometimes feel at loss when it comes to gifting! Still from my experience I have made a list of presents (in no particular order or preference) which I feel are best suited to gift on girl’s first birthday.


1. A walker: any toy that “walks”, as this is the age when a baby is learning to walk, so an appropriate and thoughtful gift. Many walkers come with add-ons like musical toys, colourful beads, flip book etc. which delight baby senses. Look for the 2 in 1 models with broad handle and can be used as another toy like ride-on or wagon. One of my friends still thank me for this toy which I gifted to her daughter on her 1st birthday and I am sure your friends too will appreciate it.

2.Shapes and size sorters: toys like big building blocks and similar kinds encourages creative thinking when a child tries to sort or stack according to colour, shapes or size. Buy the blocks which are big enough for the kid to hold and not the intricate ones. This age-appropriate gift won’t break the bank also!

3.Push and Pull Toys: Pull along toys and push toys are perfect for gifting to 1 year old. There are many different styles and designs available. Go for the animal shaped ones like dog, cow or elephant.

4. Mobile phone: my daughters used to fiddle with my mobile phone and I am sure so does everyone else. On her 1st birthday, gift the birthday kid a toy mobile phone which emits music or some commands. It’s a lovely gift and if meant for girls, it comes in captivating colours and embellishments. You can also check out other musical toys which flash lights, produce animal sounds or have mirrors. Such toys always hold their interest and attention.

5. Soft toys: who doesn’t like soft toys? They are cute, cuddly and encourage “pretend-play” in kids. I remember how my daughter used to sleep with a teddy bear as if it’s providing a sense of security to her. Besides soft toys adorn a kid’s room. It’s definitely a nice gift option.

6. Clothes: parents always appreciate clothes as gift because one can’t get enough of it. Make sure you buy one size up of that cute frock to be on safer side. Complete the look with soft-soled shoes or sandals and some dazzling accessory. I hope the above given list will make your selection easier and along with the gift do remember to take your blessings and good wishes for the child, after all that matters the most!



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