1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Baby Boy


“How difficult it can be to select a present before an impending birthday?”  most of us think on similar lines and most of us are smart enough to buy the gift at eleventh hour and give it away on kid’s birthday but to think of it, only few of us really put their heart and soul before purchasing a gift  and contemplating on the lines whether its age-appropriate, budget –friendly and  when  it comes to gifting the son of a close friend, then keeping in mind if he already has it and  if you know kid’s temperament, then whether he will play with it or not.

So let’s face it, gifting a gift is not an easy task but to make it easier, I, from my personal experience have made a list of 5 toys which are perfect to hand –out on boy’s 1st birthday.

1.  Anything that walks or pushed along:  most of the kids, around their 1st birthday, have either taken their first steps or are learning to do the same, so this makes walker a very appropriate and thoughtful gift. Some of the toys that fall in this category and are worth mentioning are Fisher-Price Rock n Roll Wagon and Little Tikes Wide Tracker Activity Walker. While choosing a walker make sure its base is wide and handles broad enough for the kid to hold and balance nicely.  I personally love walkers with wooden body as they are sturdier and don’t require batteries at all.

Another push-along toy is the Ride-ons which are a great hit with kids of this age. Kids look super-cute exercising their butts off while pushing the ride-on with their feet. Various add-ons like music, funny sounds and danglers makes riding super-fun. You can buy the product from brands like Fisher-price, Fab n Funky and Chicco etc.

2. So-called electronic gadgets: I have seen and I am sure so has every parent that right from childhood boys brain are somehow programmed to get attracted towards electronic gadgets. Obviously you can’t gift a 1 year old the real one but how about somewhat close to it. Cameras, mobiles and laptops fall in this category. Little hands are always exploring various buttons in these toys which emits sounds and lights. It not only delights but also promotes sense of curiosity in them.

Last year I gifted a Mee Mee – fun learning laptop to my friend’s son and till this date whenever we meet she mentions how his son adores this piece of item. He brings it and sits next to his father whenever he works on his laptop and not to mention he did learn a song or two from this toy.

3. Musical toys: dear parents, for a change let’s forget about education and gift pure fun playthings to kids! Toys like Hape’s pound and tap bench, drummer, xylophone; Little Tikes-discover sounds hammer; musical guitar etc. are great musical toys for one year old. Such toys keeps them engage for long time and your house will be full with their delighted sequels.

These toys come in different price range starting from few hundred bucks to thousands. A toy worth mentioning in this category is Leapfrog – Learn & Groove Learning Table. Though a little pricey, it’s a complete entertainment toy in itself. There’s lot to explore in it by spinning, sliding, pushing, opening and closing its small parts and trust me kids jump with joy as any part they touch will make sweet noise (not annoying at all!) The child also learns various songs, ABC’s and numbers.

4. Stacking and sorting toys: this is a classic which I feel every child should have. A seemingly simple toy but great, in fact the best, to develop gross, fine, sensory or any other related term which comes to your mind. Unlike others, this toy doesn’t have any distraction of music or sound and you should see how a one year old interacts with this plaything. He enjoys trying to pile up the blocks, throwing or just banging them together.

This is one present which won’t break your bank also. My personal favourite in this bracket are Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks   and Fab N Funky – Stacking Cup Set.

5. Vroom….with   vehicles:  show me a boy who doesn’t hold fancy for bus, car, truck, train and other automobile. The rolling wheels, choo-choo sound of train, the spinning propeller of helicopter not only intrigues but delight their senses too.

My friend once told me that anything moving and it holds his son’s attention. Taking a cue, I gifted her son a train set by brand name Tomy, which runs on track, doesn’t require battery and was easy on pocket too. Few days after, my friend told me that not only does the birthday boy but his elder brother too likes playing with it. Boys will be boys after all!

Other than above, clothes, soft toys, puzzles, books etc.  can also be considered as good option to give as presents. I hope I have helped dear readers a bit in deciding on the present for any upcoming birthday or you can come back to the list for future reference, till then happy shopping!

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