Mompreneur Digest – Get Festive Ready, Bring Along Mompreneur!


Get festive ready

Hello, festive month!

There is a brilliant joy of belonging to this land of festivals. October has a different feel to it altogether. Starting with Navratre & Durga Puja to Dusshera to the lovely festival of lights, this month keeps you busy with all the festivities. The light, decorations, delicious food and so much more is what we all look forward to but there definitely is more to all this.

With the entire festive ambiance comes the cleaning, decorating the house and preparing the delicacies for family and friends. The fun of doing all this multiplies when you do everything yourself and involve your family in it.

Next in the line of celebrations is Diwali. Gear up and get started with making your own Diwali decorations. Involve you kids and create lovely colourful lanterns to decorate your house.

Here is all that you need to make the pretty lanterns – medium size balloons, fevicol, tissue roll, paints & sparkles to decorate and thick paint brushes.

Mix fevicol & water in a bowl, keeping the ratio 1:2.

Blow the balloons & place small pieces of tissue on it then use a thick paint brush to apply the fevicol-water mixture on the tissue.

Cover the entire balloon with the tissue & the sticky mixture leaving little space at the top of the balloon to put the light bulb. Leave the balloon to dry for a day. Once completely dry, the tissue layer on the balloon would become stiff. Place second layer of tissue & the mixture on it to make it steady.

Leave it to dry again. After the second layer dries, use paint and sparkles to make patterns on the lantern. After this dries, burst the balloon, attach a thick thread to hang the lantern and your handmade lantern is ready :)


Get awesome moms to join us & make them mompreneurs

Growing is fun when people around are growing together because that is how change happens. We at believe that this is not just a platform to sell but a platform to explore your potential & grow. Also, it is a place where we encourage more moms to join and become an independent mompreneur.

This festive season we invite all our mompreneurs to ‘Bring along a mompreneur’. This is a referral program where the action begins after the referred mompreneurs’ accounts become active. Every time the new mompreneur makes a sale, the person who referred her will get 25% commission from Mybabycart’s share for 3 months.
This is a complete win-win situation for you, where you earn not just from your sale but also from the sale of your referred mom entrepreneur.

All you need to do to refer somebody is to go to MompreneurRegistration and add the contact details of the new entrant.

Start referring, start earning!

A successful enterprise becomes one with the effort of the people who work for it. All our mompreneurs have proved themselves and here we have the top performers of the month –

 Baby O baby


Soul Sling Baby

And a special mention needs to be made here of Petite Kiddy boutique for crossing 1 lakh sales last month.

We know we’re growing when our team starts growing. Yes, we’re growing :)
Here are the new mompreneurs who joined us recently –

Party Princess                      SRV Knit Tech                        Name-Dazzlers

  Paisley bay                        Vcare4Ubaby                      Bows & Roses

Blossom Baby Proofing             My Munchkin                    Soaps by SanGi

Niyano                             Little Daisies                             Lucky Duck


Jodhpuri’s                       UVTI Clothing                       Kids Kloset

Keep the celebrations on :)

Happy Diwali!


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