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I am a story teller by profession. I also write blogs on parenting and motherhood for My Baby Cart. I relive my enthralling experiences as a happy mother through my blogs.

Yes! I have a story to tell where I liken myself to a river that flows down the mountains with gusto to enter the plains. Here it slows down to envelop and embrace the goodies of life and finds its way through the dark crevices to flow around the stones and boulders that hamper its journey. All along a river smiles and sparkles as she knows she will get ‘there’ someday.

The day I held my baby Tanya in my arms and she clasped my stray strand for security, ‘I just gave in to her charm, her innocence and her faith in me.’ At times I missed being a professional but I was not ready to leave my baby with a nanny. I always prayed for an opportunity that would help me enjoy the best of both the worlds and that was when I stumbled upon the idea of freelance writing. How? Again I have a story to tell…

Now that I spent most of my time at home I increasingly began enjoying the overwhelming pleasures of simple things in life. Valentine’s Day was approaching and my little one was too small and extremely naughty.  It was practically impossible to go shopping with her. As January was about to end I decided to write a ‘Middle’ (A column with The Times Of India) which would publish human interest stories. I would like to add that I was a little ‘Nobody’ and had known that since its inception, the ‘Middle’ was most of the times adorned with celeb writes.  A great optimist that I am, I simply decided to give it a try. The idea was to gift a small story to my husband. So I sat down with a fidgety little Tanya and jotted down an interesting happening from our past and simply mailed it to someone in the TOI office with a request to forward the story to the right person.

And it happened …what a day it was! I gingerly opened the edit page and stared at ‘our’ story. Whoa! It was indeed a special day. It was then that I realised something great, something that has now become my present business mantra… “Just stay cool…one thing leads to another.” In my case it was just a mere attempt to celebrate my happy days of love that led me to write from home. I realized that as a free lance writer I could work from home, be with my baby, cook, bake and also play with my little bundle of joy.

My husband inspired me to write. Believe me I collected so many rejection slips for my articles but he would always encourage me to write more. He was my weekend editor who would meticulously go through my stories and help me make them more interesting. My mum and family nagged me to try harder. No wonder I love them so much. With a ‘fauji’ husband separation is a norm. A ship tenure would rekindle my poetic spirits and I would write little verses and hide them in his uniform, books and even socks. It was like a treasure hunt for him till the time he came back to be with us.

From newspapers to school teaching, to writing short stories, poems, school books, blogs for MyBabyCart and now conducting story telling sessions and creative writing workshops, I think I’ve come a long way.  I am able to balance with yoga and meditation. My love for children is expressed in a series of value education books called ‘Footsteps: A Book of Moral Values.” I also write for White Print; a magazine for the visually impaired, Chai Times ( Community Newspaper  Bolton) and Art of Living Foundation .

God loves me and steers my life boat to unfold new horizons.  This time it’s ‘Gaathaein: The Story Hub,’ with my friend and God sent angel Renu Joshi … hand in hand we weave stories to enrich the world of children… Ah! Didn’t I say that ‘One thing definitely leads to another’?


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