Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrations At our Community!


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

The presence of lord Ganesha, who is known as Vighnavinashanaya (destroyer of all obstacles), in our homes and offices   makes us belief that He not only brings all the good things associated with him but also help us in our trying times. People get a sense of security if they place His image in front of their home, their vehicles or on marriage cards. Infact due to His adorable and appealing persona He has become the most commercialized God of our times. He is the most sought after God when people want to purchase any godly figurine for their homes or for gift purposes. We can find His presence on t-shirts, bags, key chains, pendants, paintings and beautiful artifacts. Other than lord Krishna, the elephant –headed God is the one who is favourite among kids, all thanks to the friendly image which is depicted in the cartoons and movies nowadays.

To commemorate his birthday, Ganesh Chaturthi, is celebrated especially in south India with much fanfare. Not only people welcome Him in their homes but lord Ganesha’s idol of varying sizes find their way in makeshifts pandals which is open to public to pay obeisance. In my housing society also we welcome Him every year amid colourful celebration. Cultural programme is one the main attractions where kids sings devotional hymns and songs , enact or narrate a story on His life,  and  give dance performance on Ganesha’s songs .


Girls Dancing on Ganesh Chaturthi

This year was special for me as my younger daughter who has recently turned five also got a chance to show her moves on cultural fest. She and four of her friends practiced every day for a week on the song “O, my friend ganesha, tu rehna saath hamesha.” How full of energy and enthusiastic they used to look whenever they practiced as if their prestige is at stake on this very performance!  And  on the D-day their excitement  knew no bounds as they got dressed in their ethnic wear and looked all decked up with their little make-up and jewellery. I think we adults should learn a lesson from our kiddies that whatever you do give your 100 percent and enjoy all the beautiful moments of life with fervor. Anyways their performance was big hit and everybody applauded a lot.


Ganesha Idol Decorated by E-waste

Nowadays as more and more people are becoming aware of the ill-effects of creating pollution in the water bodies by immersing Ganesha’s idol made of Plaster of Paris and dyed with harmful colours, we in our housing complex each year bring the idol made of clay and this year was no different. Infact this time the finishing touches to the basic clay model were given with E-waste, an economical and an innovative way to decorate the statue. 97 LED’S, 120 capacitors, 194 Laser Caps, 80 Gear Boxes, 2 Speakers, 15Ft. EFold sheet, 721 Buzzers, 2 CD’s, 4mt Pipes, 7mts wires, 92 Silicon Glue, 44 Motors, 97 Batteries, 2 Fan bush, 7 Diodes, 7 Inductors, 99 Resistors, 2 Gears, 9 Transistors, 3 Fuses, 2 Switches, 1 Display, 14 Kg clay etc. was assembled in 38 hours by a group of 4 engineers.

After the cultural programme got over, the priest performed yagna followed by the mangal puja to bring peace and prosperity to the residents. Prasad made of Coconut, jaggery, modakas and flowers were offered to God amidst Ganesha vandana. At 9 P.M, after the distribution of Prasad, the idol made its final journey to be immersed in nearby river amidst the fireworks and the people chanting “‘Ganapati Bappa Mourya, Pudchya varshi lavkar ya” ((O father Ganesha, come again early next year). Oh! Before I forget to mention, all the E-waste was removed before the clay idol was submerged in the water body.

Wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!