Father’s Day Special: Why always mom knows the best?

Happy Father's Day

Why we always overlook to give due respect by celebrating Father’s Day with same spirit that we do for Mothers’ Day. Being daddy’s little girl I share a strong bonding with my dad, and trust me he understands me much before I say a word. I guess almost everyone would have had argumentative fights with their mom but, there is no doubt as to their mother’s love. But the same rule does not apply for Fathers, as they are inexpressive, can’t express their love in words. And many kids have the mistaken notion that their fathers don’t love them.

How can we forget the long hours of hard work they put at office, just to bring a smile on our face? I started loving my husband more , when I saw him being dad, the way he helped me at each step to be better mother. From changing diapers to staying awake all night to make my lo sleep comfortably. Yes, Fathers do play a strong role in raising happy kids. They not only take care of our financial needs but also our emotional well being. They play with us, take us to amusement park, gives us comfort at every step we take. So lets celebrate Fathers’ Day with more enthusiasm this time.

Father’s Day

Over the years

As we grow old,

We remember our father

So brave and bold.

In the garden,

Leaning on the plow,

He would listen to me;

I see him now.

He would give advice

And understand;

He was always there

To lend a hand.

God made fathers

Strong and firm,

For he knew our lives

Would have great concerns.

So he gave us fathers

To teach us to pray,

And guide our lives,

And show us the way.

So on his day

Let’s take the time

To say “Thanks, dad.

I’m glad you’re mine.”

Mary Frances Bogle


As I mentioned earlier, dads do have difficulties in expressing themselves. So to make it easy for them, here are few tips to build a strong bonding for a father and a child relationship right from the early years.

Bottle Feeding Father

1) Yes, being dad we all know that you cannot breastfeed your child but of course you can feed you lo a milk bottle (if your child is bottle fed) or you can give a good tummy time so that there are no colicky nights. By doing this you would build a strong bond with you child for future to come.

2) Take your little to a park in a stroller or a baby carrier. And for grown up kids once you are back from work you can take your child for outdoor activities like to play sport or swimming.

3) Read a bed-time story or book reading to your child, make your child feel comfortable, and caress them to sleep.

4) Plan a weekly activity with your child like trekking, snooker, soccer, this will make you both look forward for new experience each week.

5) When your child enter to teenager phase treat him just as your buddy ‘Boys activities’ like watch soccer/ cricket together, go for a movies, invite him for a dinner with your friends. And for dads who have darling daughters, you may go out for excursions, trekking or can can also take her for shopping. I always enjoyed doing these activities with my dad.

Dad is daughter’s first love and son’s first hero.

Wishing you all doting dads a very special Fathers Day!

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