Falling in Love with Life Within – 2


Dear Mumma,

How beautiful you look? And the way you giggle when you feel the flutters and bubbly movements. Your second trimester continues to be an active part of your pregnancy. Your meetings with the doctor bring you small little details of your baby. Don’t you think communicating with the doctor keeps you motivated and in great spirits? Just small little developments of the baby bring in lovely thoughts and visions. You become careful as you visualize and realize that the little one sleeps and wakes up at regular intervals. Incredible! Just close your eyes to say a silent prayer. Life is so beautiful and nature is such a fantabulous teacher as it prepares you to nurture and care.

Now patience is one of your virtues dear mumma and is beginning to blossom in you. You don’t seem to mind the soft kicks anymore and you are fine with your weight gain. Yep! You got it right. This is the time to enjoy the journey and be a cool mom. Did you whisper, ‘HOW?’ Okay! I got you.

Yes! You’re right that you are under few restrictions, life has changed and you can’t be absolutely carefree.  So what! Yes dear so what if you can’t go on rides or are forbidden to even think of amusement parks or discos. There is so much to life. Go shopping with Captain Adorable for maternity gowns with soft laces, comfortable foot wear and sturdy doormats.  Don’t forget some tangy candies, those mouth watering muffins and a tamarind bite. As you lick and relish; you notice your hubby  smack his lips as well; just give a bite to your hubby who looks adorably helpless clutching those shopping bags.  A small wicked tip: “Sharing and tasting your favourite food would fetch you surprises on his way back home from office.”

As your doctor takes care of logic and science, you should simply give in to nature and some spirituality.  Just like a thunder storm and lightening put you in a spin and the early morning showers bring in good cheer, your moods also affect the baby. Give great vibes. Just keep in mind that  the sixth month brings a message from the tiny baby. Yes! She tells you, “Mumma I hear you.”

Oh! Everything is getting so exciting… your baby can actually hear you. Come on mom, this is the time for baby talks, baby songs and even Bhajans are great ideas to pep up and rejoice. Your sudden choice of a taco-Indiana bollywood number may give you the first experience of a jump from within. Oh! Ho! Ho! From fluttering butterflies to major twists and turns … you’ve come a long way dear.

Rest & Sing Songs to your baby

Ah! Rest and take it easy. Why don’t you hum and sing to your baby?  Yo! Tune in to your personal and natural frequency and sing to your heart’s content. Enjoy being a radio jockey, singer and music composer. On a serious note music, friendly chats with friends, breathing exercises ( as prescribed by your doctor), books etc keep you occupied in a very constructive way and give immense pleasure in free time. 

As you progress well; you learn to come to terms with the slight uneasiness and your changed physical form. Just remember, you are the most beautiful mumma; lovely lady, who glows from her inner beauty. As the seventh month comes to a close and you visit your doctor for an ultrasound, you may be surprised when the doctor shows you the shape of a tiny foot.

Now as you get heavier your baby begins to recognise you and her daddy. Yep! This is great news for Captain Adorable. Great times begin as you feel heavy, excited, a little sluggish but completely in love with life within. Life is so miraculous and nature so magnanimous. As from now on you prepare yourself for the birth of joy; don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for tips and guidance to overcome nervousness that shows up at times. On a lighter note … it takes nine months to download a baby. It’s time to say bye for now….you will hear from me soon… till then … Stay tuned to your music channel as your baby croons to you:

“ Oh!Mumma! Oh! Mumma! I just can’t wait,

To feel your arms and be your roommate,

Ah! Daddy will put me on his shoulder to sleep,

I’ll snuggle in the hollow of his neck and peep,

To see you  laugh and jump around

As dad would hold me and go round and round

It’s going to be fun all the way

As my grandparents would dote on me everyday

Mumma, don’t be nervy and tense

God is tuned in, we just need to sense.”


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