Falling in Love with Life Within – 1


Dear Mumma,

Did I see you smile; just like that … Did you just stop at a baby store to walk around in a daze … Ah! You picked up a tiny frock in pink and then a small little jumper in blue … and simply  stood there; mesmerised with the beauty of life. Are you falling in love all over again? Ah! Your rosy cheeks say it all and this time the protagonist of your story is a little someone who will occupy your heart forever and ever.

You look a bit lost and mixed up. Hmm! It’s natural … I know how it feels my dear.  It’s like one moment you are beaming and the next moment a bit irritable. At other times, you are in your world where toys beckon and fairies fly to you. A cry from a new born in the theatre makes you smile not frown and at night  someone croons a lullaby … Oh! It’s you humming to the life within.

You have changed.  Am I right? How I love the way you nod in unison to whatever I say. You have become a cautious eater. You don’t mind milk. You stand in front of the mirror… your loved ones talk so much about the glow on your face but you have something on your mind.  Heyyyyyy! I got you! You are looking for something else. Hmm! It’s your waist line.  Does it bother you? No and yes! Both the answers apply to your psyche?

Let’s distract you from this sweet botheration? You see you are now a cosy nest for a little cell to grow into an embryo. It has a head and a body. How do I know? Yes! You are right in your observation but then I would ask these questions to my doctor who answered with patience and a smile.

Mind you your tiny one also has a heart beat and the doctor listens to it every time you go for a review. My! My!  Imagine two hearts are tuned in … one is yours and the other is that of your baby.  As you move on, gingerly, on your way to motherhood; cravings and aversions bother you. Some odours and smells simply put you off. Morning sickness is like a hangover even when you are not drunk.  But the moment your doctor tells you that these symptoms indicate positive signs of good progress; you don’t seem to mind at all. And then with the passage of time things become better and better and you become bigger and bigger.  Hey! Don’t be cross… Ah! A  smile is what I get … thanks mumma.

You are such a darling.  You communicate so well nowadays … with sweet gestures and infectious smiles. Don’t you think a smile is a wonderful way to be in touch? The moment you smile, you convey that all is well. Communication is so important especially when you come face to face with changes and nobody understands you better than your doctor. You see a doctor is someone who burned the midnight oil and has studied for seven to ten years to know all the answers to your queries. Allow your obstetrician or gynaecologist to get some job satisfaction.  So, just pen down the changes that you experience and carry your little diary for every visit. Discuss to find solutions or just buy relief. Both are priceless at this juncture.  Never harbour doubts because they nudge here and there to steal your peace. As you take a deep breath of relief and smile, I just need to tell you one thing … You are invaluable. Aren’t you?

By the end of the third month you feel a lot better as slowly you say bye to morning sickness. You are a lot more confident and in control of the situation.

As this is the beginning of the second trimester, you look different because of the little bulge that you have. Ha! Now that the cat is out of the bag, you can just enjoy the attention you get. Your friends and colleagues begin to reserve a chair at the office cafeteria and your husband gets you a rocking chair. You got it right. This is the time to get pampered by one and all. The tiny one is happy too as she grows eye lashes, hair, nails and can even suck her thumb. Oh! How adorable? She even smiles or frowns. Yes! My doctor told me this and much more. So just smile back even when you are a bit down… or tune in to listen to what your baby has to say….

 “Ah! mumma I am not so tiny now,

Let’s tune in to  take a vow

As our hearts go ‘da dum dum’

We shall sing something like ‘ala bala bum’,

I’ll shake a leg to make you smile

You can cross your legs to sit up in style

Oh! We have so much to share all day

Let’s be in rhythm to make hay.”

As you bask in the love and attention from loved ones, I’ll leave you in peace to rejoice and have fun.

Bye for now


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