Fab Five Birthday Party Games for Kids


Between deciding on all the pre-requisite for a successful birthday bash like the theme, cake, eatables, and decorations; you simply cannot forget the importance of keeping your little guest entertained throughout the party. For if you don’t, the party will turn into a yawn-fest and that would be the last thing you wish for.  

So to make any birthday a success, you must be ready with fun-filled party games which can be conveniently organized in the comfort of home without breaking the bank and simple enough to effuse contagious laughs from the kids.

Below I have listed some of the tried cheap Office Professional Plus 2016 Key and tested  game which I have been myself organizing in the home for almost a decade  and believe me they are always a big hit among my  kid’s friends. So without further delay let’s get into the party spirit!

 Pin the tail: This one is classic with oodles of giggles.  Though its often played in the parties but trust me kids never get bored of it. It is easy to plan and great fun for 5+ age group.

Aim: With blind-folded eyes the child has to stick the pony’s tail at the right place, i.e its rear end.

How to play:

  1. Draw a picture of a large pony or a donkey on a piece of thick chart paper. Alternatively you can print images online too and get it enlarged to the required size. Though an expensive option but readymade kit of this game is also available online.
  2. Make separate cut-out of pony’s tail too with rolled –up tape or any other adhesive placed on its back so child can stick it . Adult supervision is must if using sharp tacks instead of tape.
  3. Mount the poster on the wall at a height where the child’s hand can reach conveniently.
  4. Now blindfold the kid’s eyes and spin him twice so that he loses the sense of direction. With small kids you can avoid spinning.
  5. Give the tail in his hand, point him towards the target and ask to place it at the right place. Once done, remove the blindfold and get on with the next kid.
  6. Leave all the tails where they are placed until every kid gets his chance. It’s so much fun to see the end product.
  7. The player, who places the tail either at the correct spot or nearest to it, is the winner.

If the target group is all girls, you can give this game a little twist by drawing a princess instead of pony and giving the children tiara cut-outs to be placed on the princess head.

Musical chair: Another must-have game on the list. Not only with kids but this proven classic game is a big hit among adults also.

Aim: The young guests have to compete for a seat!

How to play:

  1. Place the chairs either in a circle with seats outwards or in two rows back to back.
  2. The number of chairs should be one less than the number of players.
  3. Turn on some peppy music and ask the kids to walk clock-wise around the chairs.
  4. The person who is in charge of music should not look at the kids while the music is on to ensure fair play.
  5. When the music stops the child has to walk, race or scramble to grab the available chair.
  6. There’s a rule though; the kid cannot come backwards to grab empty chair
  7. The player who doesn’t find the chair is out of the game. Remove one more chair.
  8. The music starts and  the walk begins again
  9. The process continues  until one player is left, who is declared the winner.

The high point of the game is when only one chair is left and two kids vie for the coveted seat. It’s great to watch little youngsters.

Passing the parcel: An amusing game which can be played by kids as young as 3 and as old as 12, this is one recreational activity which can be enjoyed in its various avatars.


Aim: Sitting in a circle kids have pass around a gift-containing small package wrapped in many layers. Besides, have unadulterated pleasure for a prolong time!

How to play: Method  1

  1. Take a small light-weighted box and put a surprise cheap Office Professional Plus 2013 Key gift inside it. Seal it with a cello-tape.
  2.  Wrap it with at least as many layers as the number of players or some extra to be on safer side. You can use chart paper or newspaper for wrapping.
  3. With each layer you can either put a small slip with some dare /challenge written on it or leave it like that. The “parcel is ready. In one of my daughter’s birthday I stick a small bar of chocolate with each layer of paper. That way every kid feels good on getting something.
  4. When the music starts, the kid holding the parcel have to start passing it quickly to the friend sitting next to him.
  5. When the music stops, the player holding the parcel removes the layer and has to perform on the activity. That kid bows out of the game with huge round of applause.
  6. The music-keeper starts the music again and the game resumes. The same process (step 5) continues till all the layers get removed.
  7. The person to remove the last layer opens the box and gets the gift.

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  1. Take a small bowl or a paper bag.
  2. Make a good number of paper slips containing forfeits.
  3. Some examples: stand on one foot and jump, dance on a number, say the alphabets backwards, Sing a nursery rhyme, sing happy birthday pressing your nose on both sides or repeat the  given tongue –twister.

At my daughters eleventh birthday ,I gave the girls  little difficult tasks: keep the bird’s feather in the air  to the count of 50 by blowing the air from mouth, make birthday child laugh by making funny faces, slither like a snake, do an impression of your parents/teacher , dance impressively to the sound of a rustling plastic bag

  1. When the music starts, the kids start passing the parcel and when it stops, the kid who is holding the bowl take s a slip out of it and perform on the challenge written on it.
  2. The music restarts and the game continues until the last person is left who is declared winner. But still he has to perform on the instruction written on the slip.
  3. Make enough chits so that each kid performs on at least two activities.

The whole atmosphere becomes lively and really charged up when this game is played in the birthday parties. Do start in advance though, to make all forfeits.

Mystery tray: Easy to plan, this game requires items readily available in the home.

Aim:  the child has to guess correctly the items on the tray and the one who gets the most is the winner.

How to play:

  1. Take a big tray or a plate. You can also take a sturdy paper bag with small mouth.
  2. Next you have to place different objects on the plate. Some creative ideas of the odds and ends could be:
  • Fruits like half an apple, grapes
  • Pencil, eraser, sharpener
  • Comb, clips
  • Spoons
  • Remote-control
  • Feather
  • Candy
  • Cotton balls
  • Toothpaste/brush
  • Coins
  • Sunglasses
  1. Now keep the tray on the table covered with a handkerchief in a separate room.
  2. Call the kids one by one and blindfold their eyes.
  3. Let the kid feel the items with both their hands for a minute. Once the time is up, give him a paper and pen on which they have to quickly (in 30 seconds) write the names of the items they remember.
  4. Continue the same with others kids too.
  5. In the end you can check which kid got the maximum number of correct items. He/she is the winner.

In my younger daughter’s birthday, where the girls were unable to spell correctly, I asked them to tell the names orally only. The kid who guessed the maximum items was the winner.

I am kind of an old-fashioned who looks for sharpening the child’s memory even if it’s a game. I suppose that’s why this game is one of my favorite.
Dance statue/ freeze dance:  Can little kids keep a poker-face while the music is on? I don’t think so!

Aim:  The participants have to dance on some peppy numbers and freeze when the music stops.

How to play:

  1. Make the kids stand in a place and tell them the rules of the game which are explained in next few steps.
  2. Ask the kids to dance when the music starts
  3. The little ones who don’t like to dance can move around, hop, or even skip.
  4. Once the music stops, the kids freeze at their place and not flinch.
  5. The kid who moves first is out of the game.
  6. Restart the music and continue the game till all the players are out except for the one last, the winner.
  7. You can provide some props like- streamers, ribbons or hoops to the kids to make the game more interesting.

So that the kids who are out don’t get bored or upset, ask them to try making their friends move, either by making some faces, telling a joke or by doing some funny antics. This is one game which the kiddies as young as 3 enjoy!

Now that my list is over, let’s share what birthday games you have tried at your home?


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