Essential Summer Hair Accessories


Summers, as we all know, is a perfect time to flaunt the fashionista in you through your little girl’s choice of clothing, shoes and accessories. Speaking of accessories, add-ons for hair are as important as any other piece of article to give a complete summer look to your child. Hair accessories, if chosen properly and placed perfectly can immediately uplift the glamour quotient of even a simple outfit. Besides giving “the looks”, hair accessories also help in locking your locks into a neat ponytail, securing any hair updo and keeping the bangs away from face essentially a saviour for hot summers. Here we have rounded up some of the best hair accessories which can be easily found

  1. Hip hair clips:  these ones are most widely used hair tools when it comes to decorate the hair in a jiffy and this summer we suggest you to experiment with a wide choice of hair barrettes available online to make a nice hairstyle for your little princess.  Simple bow hair clips, if colour coordinated with the dress, looks great on fine hair as these small clippies stay in tight while keeping the hair in place. Bobbyclips graced with ribboned flower on them, the printed polka dotted snap clips, sequined or glittery tic-tacs, pearl or hand-crocheted ones and those alligator clips with ladybug, fruit or butterfly appliques on them instantly liven up the whole look of your child.No doubt these decorative clips are all time favourite among girls of all age group and must I say,is a necessity as it can be worn at front, sideways or even at the back along with any hair-do. Before purchasing,do make sure these hair clips are light in weight, durable and most importantly should sit comfortably on your kids small head.
  2. Embellished hairbands: to give a neat and managed look, most mothers rely on hairbands rather than small clips as they tame only a few strands of hair. Other than being functional, these hairbands serve the decorative purpose too. Worn above forehead, a range of hairbands with various embellishments like flowers, sequins, feathers and lace work acts like a jewel on your kid’s crown. For a casual yet chic look you can mix and match one plain hairband with a glittery oneand for the party look go for a colourful satin hairband adorned with sparkling stones or a pearl over a silken bow.Care should be taken that very tight hairbands made of metal or plastic material should not be used for newborns or infants , instead as discussed in next point -headbands , which are little wider than hairbands, are an ideal fit for them.
  3. Stylish headbands: forget that old time when hair accessory was used as nothing more than an instrument to keep the hair away from the face. Today they are meant to make a style statement and with a range of headbands in vogue now a days you can easily kick up your Rapunzel tresses a notch. These stretchable and colourful headbands made out of soft material, usually cotton or crocheted, with simple loops and knots not only look cute but are also comfortable during hot weather. Moreover they won’t leave marks on infant girl’s head, so all the better!The adorned ones works wonder for older girls look.Another accessory that will prove to be a head-turner isa stretchable head wrap. It’s a covering for the entire head which is tied underneath the hairline and is made out of delicate material like lace or net,decorated with sequins, flowers, beads, grosgrain ribbons etc.
  4. Classic rubber bands: the elastic bands meant to fasten hair into a neat ponytail are all time favourites for girls with long hair, especially during hot weather. Rubber bands or scrunchies (the name scrunchie refers to the way the fabric scrunches around the elastic band) are perfect tools to tame your little princess locks on any regular sunny day or togive a neat look, either on a picnic day or a birthday. These alluring bands come in different colours with super cute designs and appliques on them.Before buying these elastics make sure they don’t have any loose seams for the hair to get caught on and are made of soft material so that they can easily glide out of hair.
  5. Further you can add interest to your girl’s mane with ribbons,feathered headpiece, bows, clip-on hair extensions, tiaras, hair combs, small fresh flowers and not to forget those oh-so- cute caps and sun hats which spell full-filled summers all over them.Besides adding a dash of style,a cap also protects your little angel’s skin and hair from harmful rays.

Every one of us who has a girl always get excited on the thought of decorating them with various knickknacks , of which accessorizing the hair is not only an important but also an inexpensive way to complete the whole look. Depending on the individual need,comfort, sense of style and occasion keep  adding the above given hair accessories to your little girl’s repertoire and see her looking ravishing as the years pass by.


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