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Baby’s Locker is like my own child, my entertainment, my passion and a drive of life. As Dhirubhai Ambani has said “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”


Baby’s Locker is a venture I am grateful to have. After getting rejected by all my job applications back in the UK, I came back to India disappointed. Thinking what will people say rather than thinking what I really want. The society in which we live in is very cruel and sometimes takes out the negativity in oneself.


Sometimes our best decisions are the ones that don’t make any sense at all! At first I felt that my idea was a childish dream and was just a fad. But as I started pondering over the idea and began to believe in the project; I researched more and more, scratching the ground deeper n deeper. I became extremely enthusiastic about the whole project, realizing how apt I was for it and passionately loved doing it. Fashion has always been a part of me and the idea of starting my own clothing line for babies was the turning point of my life. I design the clothes as well. In fact I also designed Baby’s Locker website.


 My journey to create India’s premier fashion brand for babies started while I was struggling to understand my own abilities. At that time, I was unsure if I could design, if I could set up a workshop by myself & if I actually had it within me. Thoughts like ‘can I do it? is it possible?’ were crossing my mind questioning my abilities and myself.

After a three-year course in marketing from the UK, I was back to India; rejected by all the companies I had applied to for a job. I arrived in India scared. What if I don’t get a job? What will I do, what will people think? Such negative thoughts surrounded me and I was panicky. I then applied to a few fashion based companies, bloggers & marketing companies though I was doubtful about my acceptance.

Babys Locker Little Man Organic Boys T-Shirt

Whilst I was impatiently waiting for them to reply, I had distractions, the good ones. There were many parties in the family, baby showers, shopping trips and I was naturally drawn to help my sisters. I was called their fashionista as I was always inclined towards fashion. Being fashionable was just my mere nature, no hard and fast rule , it came from within, since childhood. Luckily, it was the best way to distract myself from all the pressure even as there were lingering thoughts about my future.

While I was still battling with the negativity regarding my job applications and though it was shadowing my positive aroma – I had to set them aside as I shopped for the three little ones who were entering this bright life. While hopping from one brand to another, I realized there was absolutely nothing in the stores that appealed to me; nothing different and fresh. The shopping trip was a big fail, and eventually I ended up ordering baby clothes from abroad.

The shopping experience was a big disappointment but I soon realized that the kind of products I was searching for my soon-to-be born nieces and nephews, I could very well create by myself. It was my so-called eureka moment and gave me goose bumps. I was excited but then I again had a flood of thoughts :) . I wondered if it made sense, if I can start something of my own, by myself!!!

But once I started pondering over the idea and began to believe in the project; I researched more and more, dug deeper and deeper. In the process, I became extremely enthusiastic about the whole new idea, realizing how apt I was for it and passionately loved doing it. The negativity that I earlier had just vanished and I felt like the positive 22 year old that I generally am.

Though I was very much confused at the start about my career, doubting my capabilities and myself, I eventually found my way to Baby’s Locker. I should however say that the ten month long journey from being unemployed to starting my own business, was heck of a road. I pooled up money for the brand through my family and friends who supported my idea and added to the little savings I had left from my work experience back in college.

I then designed the website myself, so a lot of money was saved on that front. The most difficult stage was getting the team together! I can’t thank my skilled manufacturers enough; they have encouraged and helped me a lot throughout the journey as I am handling everything by myself (One-(wo)man army sort off). I design the clothes but they are of immense help. It’s been a rough start but I am sure to have a bright future ahead for Baby’s Locker!

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