Meet Elizabeth Jacob, Owner of Liz Jacob



God is in the details.
Every step of the way, we believe in this philosophy and take additional care to deliver on it – be it product design and its finish, marketing collateral, or just about every single customer touch point.


Liz Jacob Girls Cutwork Frock (Olive Green)

I found it increasingly difficult to shop for my child and felt the need for a wider range of elegant clothes in fine fabrics. The market was flooded with mass-made synthetics, denims, standard tees, and garish styles and colours that I felt didn’t suit young children. As a mom pressed for time, it was difficult to go to 3-4 stores to pick up a handful of pleasing garments and this inspired me to create an online store that could be trusted, and went that extra mile to give children a range of clothes with distinct character and superior quality.


I (Elizabeth Jacob, founder of Liz Jacob Apparels for kids) come from a marketing and advertising corporate background and have worked with many multi-national FMCG brands for over 11 years. This corporate experience taught me many valuable lessons in professional end-to-end brand management and the importance of customer experience and satisfaction. I am using all my past experience in brand building and communications in establishing my new venture - Liz Jacob.

Liz Jacob is a unique ensemble of artistic and elegant clothing for kids up to 6 years and nursery decor. We provide a wide range of clothing in high grade fabrics that  appeal to moms who are design as well as quality conscious. This idea stemmed from my own love for children and the desire to see them clothed in fun, fashionable and artistic clothing that are not mass-made.

Liz Jacob Girls Romper Set

For instance, we believe art and kids wear should go hand-in-hand. So, to bring the fun back into clothing, we experiment with applying art onto the clothes through hand paintings, appliques, embroidery, block printing and use of artistic fabrics. We also believe in exclusivity and limited runs, so what you pay for is really distinctive. Our hand painted range brings alive a vibrant world of cute characters, animals and birds just like a colourful page out of your child’s favorite story book.

We are also planning to enter newer categories such as christening gownsnight-wearbaby-wear.

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