Meet Mompreneur Dulcie Sahdev, Owner of CutiePie Club



My 9th months old baby Amaira is the inspiration to my venture


Cutiepie club is a one month old baby deals in kids room decor, utility, apparel and accessories and now is a family of 6000 members with a vision of pan india recognition.  Having a corporate experience of more than 8 years . Motherhood brought this thought in my mind to do something of my own . I didn’t wanted to miss all those memorable moments of her and just having a look at pictures or videos . I wanted to live them with her . Living in delhi for so many years I felt there are not much stores available for kids and if available they are too pricey which makes parents to step back.

Experiencing motherhood for 9 months I felt every mother wants to buy the best trendy unique yet pocket friendly stuff for their little ones and don’t get time to go shop to shop and look for things and checking prices and discounts. We at Cutiepie club make sure to give best quality trendy andpocket friendly stuff under one roof with no hassle.

Click Here to Buy from CutiePie Club


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