Dream Dresses for Girls! Meet Ekata Owner of TheWildCat Brand!


My Mantra#

A dream dress for every little one! 

My Story#

Hello, I’m Ekata, an engineer by profession. I worked in IT companies for around 4 years and did freelance as well, later on.

I’m a creative person and I’ve designed not just clothes but pretty much anything that CAN be designed, from furniture to jewellery etc. That’s one thing a creative person can’t help doing, since they get an overdose of ideas in their minds everyday, which they have to finally deal with. 

So I switched to designing and bespoke tailoring. Fortunately for me, I had all the support I needed from my family to take this step.  We made all sorts of customised wear for everyone.  Amongst our clients, we made outfits for little ones too. I realised, that seeing the smiles and joy on the little girl’s faces,  especially  when they wore their gowns made by us , gave me such tremendous satisfaction, that nothing could beat it. The fact that I have one son and no daughter must have added to this. 

We all remember at least 2 outfits of ours as kids which we loved to wear.  Mine was a yellowish one with lots of layers and frills. I absolutely loved it, and today, I go out of my way customising and creating that one perfect  dress which a girl would always remember.  More like a dream outfit, that everyone deserves to have.  Our dresses are elaborate, with almost 20 meters of fabric going into it, with handwork etc. We sell it at the best and lowest possible price in order to make it affordable too. Keeping in mind how quickly they grow, we give more than enough margin to increase the size later on if needed.

Thus our brand ‘TheWildCat’ came along and we hope you love our creations .


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