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Heylos to all lovely moms, am sure you all must have had a wonderful winter holidays with family and kids. Besides celebrating festivals and other bank holidays, the New Year will yet again us an opportunity to celebrate our lil monsters Birthday party, fun activities and other play-dates for, and more. This month I will share some creative ideas, tips and trick for planning kids Birthday party, play dates and moms meet too.

Planning a Birthday party has never been a cakewalk for any mom. When you have Party planner cropping in every part of your city and with ever rising demands of your child’s interests. From pirates of Caribbean to a princess tea party, choices available with party planners and online party themes site, are sure to leave you confused. Below are few steps to have a hassle free Birthday celebration for your child:

1) Select Theme

For kids 1 yr to 3 yrs, try to follow baby cues like the animal he loves the most or one of the rhymes he loves the most or you may play safe by selecting generic themes like Sunshine, rainbow, animal, favourite colour, butterfly, number line, alphabets or inspired by their favourite nursery rhymes.

For older kids you must involve your kid while selecting their birthday theme. He will feel more special. You may opt for themes like cars, cartoon characters: Bheem, Barbie, Doradoll, pool-time, princess tea party, superheroes and other cartoon character.

When are pre-teens you don’t have to scratch your head anymore, they are grown up enough to decide the birthday them and tell you. All you need to worry about uniques themes coming in thier mind like pirates, avtaar, fairyland, underwater, lego and the list goes on.

2) Time Span

After deciding on the Birthday Party Theme, try to keep the birthday party short and sweet. For younger ones who wants to get back to their comfort zone as children ages one to three get cranky if they’re kept awake too long. The best play-time for young children is brunch time 10am to 12pm (so that they are wakeful in morning and then can go back home and sleep) or 4pm to 7pm (just afternoon nap and after fun-filled party they can go back home and sleep).
A well-planned kid’s birthday party begins and ends at specific times and doesn’t run too long or too short. While opting the best time for party also keep it aligned with your child’s routine, like during which time he is more playful and for older kids it depends on their energy level. Kid’s birthday party for a 2-3 hours period allows them to get comfortable with new environment, play games, do activities, doing cake-cutting, sharing refreshments and cake, and saying goodbye to their friends.

3) Make a Guest List

Making the guest list plays a very important role to plan a party ahead. Your games, menu everything would be driven by guests you invite. Keep the number low as per your kids age and thier preference. No point inviting entire society or the class. The ideal number of kids guests should be child’s age + 6kids i.e if your child is 2 years then add 2+6= 8 So you may invite around 8 kids + 2 kids. This will help kids to interact better with all friends and enjoy at the same time.

If your child is above 5 yrs then you may involve him in planning the guest list. I still remember, during my childhood when I use to be anxious for my birthday then my mom used to ask me to make the list first. Parents of younger kids (Infants-Toddlers) may accompany a child throughout the party. Whereas for older kids like pre-teens and teens, they do not prefer adults hijacking their Kids Party space. So you can request the parents to drop`n`Pick their kids. After all it’s your kids’s special day, and he would celebrate with just his friends.

If you are one of those parents who doesn’t want to keep the family and close friends away, then you may give different timings to adults like for 1st half you may ask them to come by lunch time 12:30pm or 1pm. so that before your kid completely runs out of energy, the guest can meet the Birthday Boy/Girl and then go ahead with lunch spread at the same venue. You may wrap up by3pm/3:30pm. Similarly for second half (evening) you can give adult guest dinner time for 7:30pm or 8pm. And of-course there is no deadline for adults to go home, to keep you self same you may wrap it up by 10:30pm. To keep your self away from being too chaotic and hectic, you may seperately treat your close family and friends. I am sure you child would love cut cake twice ;-)

4) Venue
Deciding venue involves many factors, like the proximity to your residence, venue space, kind of cuisine available, indoor/outdoor place (Let weather be your guide, google works awesome), convenient for decoration as per theme and support of staff available and last but not the least it should fit in your budget.

There are lot of party halls popping up all over Bangalore which specializes in hosting kids party where they take care of catering, decoration, hosting, games and so on. If you do not want a headache then you can opt for it make your at ease. Also you can opt for kids-friendly restaurants who host the kids party as passionately as you would host at home.

Ensure that the venue you select has enough room for your birthday party guests to play games, to decorate, and that no valuable breakables are in the area. Here is the list of the popular Kids Birthday party venues for Bangalore

5) Decoration in-line with theme

After you decide on where you’ll be hosting the birthday party—indoors or outdoors, begin with decoration inline with theme. Decorate the party room or yard to suit the theme. Create a backdrop that sets the mood of your child’s birthday party by using poster board, construction paper, crepe paper, balloons, special lighting, and appropriate music. Give the birthday child a crown and birthday dress complementing the theme.

Grown up kids can be a real good help to you in creating the birthday party decorations. It helps to keep the child busy and involved in the upcoming celebration. Create lots of do-it-yourself birthday decorations rather than use store-bought ones. Also lot of party-theme kits are available online, you will get lot many choices. For DIY party decoration I swear by iHeart and Pinterest to make the party more personal. Make sure all the areas of the house or yard that are off limits to children are capped and anything which seems to be dangerous/breakable/valuable for kids to be playful with, remove it.

6) Games and activities

Plan the birthday party games and activities aligning it with the theme. If your theme is such that you cannot find any appropriate then you may go for fool-proof hit games like polo race, book reading, puppet show, story telling, passing the parcel, and very old musical chair (though quite cliche` but kids still enjoy it)
One should never plan too many games or activities at a child’s birthday party, but always have a back-up ready. If you run out of almost everything and cannot think of something promptly then just get keep your lo’s craft box in hand. You can ask kids to make DIY stuff as per theme and it works wonders. Also keep low on winner of the game, after all the games/activities is not all about winning but enjoyment for all kids.

7) Menu

For any Birthday celebration, cake and the desserts are the highlight of the party. You may opt for various cake art available like theme shape cake, sugar crafted cakes with detailing, picture cakes or you may also opt for cup-cakes with/without theme. For kids Birthday party make sure the food menu you decide has to be healthy, mess-free and tasty. you need not have to stick to the party theme for entire menu, you can just focus for theme while deciding on cake. Rest of the food items can be basic kids-friendly menu like french-fries, pasta, noodles, spring rolls, other finger foods like cheese and crackers, pieces of fruit, nuts, raisins, or cut-up veggies. Keep small food treats and simple, yet tag it creatively inline with the theme.

8) !

Call it party favours, or goody bags, it’s all same. Keep it small and simple. It’s just a token of thanks so no need to overspend on it. Of -course make sure it’s packed creatively in-line with theme. Also there are lot of online kids shop who sells party favours in bulk, you opt for that too. You can also give a special touch in the return gifts by choosing personalize products like hand towels, caps, pouches, lunch boxes,story books etc

It’s Today My Special Day’
Almost everyday my daughter sings this song, and yet thinks it’s her birthday everyday (thanks to BabyTv). Though not all kids sing this song but yes of-course its a special day for Birthday boy/girl. So in the end of the day they should feel special, do not opt for anything which is uncomfortable for you kid to enjoy.

Make sure you as parent do not forget to give him/her attention. Party hosting is important but not as much as you kids special day, isn’t? Make sure your child is well fed and rested enough to enjoy his Birthday celebration without being cranky throughout or dozing off before cake-cutting. More than embarrassing it’s upsetting as the purpose the party is celebrate his.her special day.


It’s very important for you and your child to have some quite time after party. To get that peace, you must wrap-up from venue in time, or else the birthday party will seem to be endless. It’s important for you and your child to have some time alone after the event, and for the birthday party not to seem endless. After wrapping up, saying goodbye to all, thank the staff who helped you to put up the the show as you wanted. Then pat yourself for a well-planned, creative, and one-of-a-kind birthday party that your child will cherish.

If you are a working couple and too busy to actually take time off and plan a Birthday Party theme then you may opt for a professional ‘Party Planner’. Having event planner branched into kids birthday planning, it won’t be heavy on pocket and fill in your therapy bill. Doing Birthday party all by self is like a roller-coaster ride. From deciding on the Party theme, decorations, and games makes the days nearing to the D-Day looks like a celebration itself.

I hope my tips and tricks to plan fool-proof Birthday party would help you to get more clarity in planning your kids upcoming birthday. I would love to hear you ideas and tips too, please share with us. Also watch this space for upcoming blogs like Top 5 themes for Boys, Top 5 themes for Girls, Gifting Ideas for Birthday Boys, and Gifting Ideas for Birthday Girls.


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